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sbellamy84 22nd March 2012 08:39 PM

KARMA K-35-AFET-Multi-Pattern-Condenser-Microphone
I am an amateur recording engineer/songwriter/musician who has a home built home studio. I dont like to spend all my earnings on gear, but I like to have good sounding recordings when I make them.

The first LDC mic I owned was a Behringer B1 which I thought was the "bees knees" for a while. I quickly realized its really not that great and started using a CAD M179. I thought it was good but was ready for a change.

After stumbling accross Karma on a review of the Blue Icicle (another great product by the way), I read reviews and descided to try them out. The price was right and I was ready to invest.

Out of the box it is impressive looking, large, solid, included a nice shock mount and just looks cool. But who cares how it looks. Honestly, the fake suade covering and the crooked Karma sticker makes it look cheep (as in made in China as it is) in some ways, but again.......

I diddnt hesitate to record some vocals (female) to AB it with my CAD. Seriously, I couldt believe my ears. I listened back and forth at least 20 times and said "WOW!" every time. It is smooth, full, rich, clear and just plain nice sounding. I will admit, its a touch heavy in the low end, but I'd rather have to eq some low out than try and put it back in.

For $200, I dont think there could possibly be a better microphone out there, or one ever close. In fact, I'd venture a guess that it would rival mics worth 5-10x the money. Did I mention the 3 way pickup pattern and the built in highpass and 10db pad? Seriously. Buy one.