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Bill Hambone 3rd March 2012 09:56 PM

UAD EMT 140 Plate Reverb
I have worked with a real EMT 140 plate at Jackpot Studios in Portland. It is a wonderful thing. I've also used homemade plates, and I just love that type of echo, no matter what. The UAD EMT 140 is just as wonderful as any physical plate. I A/B'd the real EMT plate against the plug in a mix, and there was no noticeable difference. This plugin is one of the most natural sounding reverb plugs I have ever heard. Absolutely zero digital fizz on top. All of the factory presets are a lot of fun. One of my favorite settings is "Nylon Acoustic Ambience," it really does add some intangible quality to classical guitars. The EQ and pre-delay controls are a nice bonus, as well. It goes without saying that the ability to recall and change settings is a big advantage over an actual plate. Tracking reverb to tape can be a magical thing, but if it seems to be too much or too little later on, too bad. You're stuck with it. It also goes without saying that plates are large and noisy, and need to be isolated away from the studio and control room. Having the EMT in a plug is just great. As with the other UAD plugs, the price is ridiculously low compared to the sound quality and utility that they deliver.

Mike21 4th March 2012 08:40 PM

UAD EMT140 Plate Reverb Plugin
I purchased the UAD EMT140 approx 4 months ago, i struggle to use any other reverb apart from this now. It had 3 different plate reverbs on board, each with a different but just as gorgeous sounding character. I find myself using it as a mix reverb, aswell as my go to for synths and i even love throwing it on my vocals. It is a great all rounder that is fit for any job in my studio, also with an onboard reverb EQ.. What more do want for $200?! I find that plate A has a brighter tone than the other 2 which makes it great for synth' or vocals. I usually go for plate B or C if i am using it as my main mixing reverb. I have tried many other reverbs but nothing else comes close.. That saying i havent yet tested the UAD Lexicon 224 which is also meant to have a very nice sound to it. All in all though i would definately recommend this Reverb plug in, it really can work on everything i throw at it! There is also on-board modulation which you can alter to your liking, with such a simple and easy design it improves my workflow and also keeps my creativity up. 10/10!!

Wesma 4th March 2012 09:18 PM

I need it!
The UAD EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator Plug-in was one of the first UAD plugins that I purchased and I use it in all my mixes! This plate reverb plugin is just great on just about anything. The only thing missing is that it doesn’t have that super short ambient reverb time.
The sound is really natural and beautiful and it’s very easy to tweak it to make it suit your needs. I like to start by switching between some presets first and then play with the decay and pre-delay. The EQ is great but I often find it easier to insert a parametric EQ after the plate. The input filter gets a lot of use on the other hand.
The plugin comes with a lot of great features like stereo spread, pan and the subtle yet very effective modulation. The 3 different plate settings is also a great starting point to find the sound you’re after.

I really enjoy using this plugin. It is very simple to use and it never takes long to find a reverb that feels right. I have never used a real 140 and I don’t know if UA has nailed the sound but I really don’t care as long as it sounds good – which it really does!

bryzaguy 5th March 2012 07:23 PM

One of the best reverbs
This is a phenomenal reverb. I use it on every song I do. I can't make it sound bad. Other reverbs you have to mix or you'll hear artifacts of some kind but not this plugin. Try putting it on a source with all low end like a really thick kick, which is generally my first approach to testing the quality of a digital reverb, and see how it handles it. I did and found it to be AMAZING. There are some convolution verbs that sound pretty good but I generally choose this one over those because they are really taxing on your CPU and there's no modulation on the tail.

There are some things I would love to see improved. The EQ section is pretty basic, I would be content with adding a little more capability to the VST parameters page like they used to have with the modulation so I can do a little more shaping the sound. The only other complaint I have is that the modulation cranked all the way up is not enough for me, I would love more. Keep in mind these two suggestions are things that I handle with other plugins. I would imagine the main intent of someone would be the reverb and this is more than enough for that.

Jack Morgan 6th March 2012 09:01 PM

UAD EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator Plug-In
This is understandably raved about all over the place. As many others have said, it’s undoubtedly the most realistic plate reverb I’ve heard in a plugin. It doesn’t sound like a plugin.

You can choose from three different plates (based on real ones from “The Plant Studios”) which all have their own unique sound… basically: A is bright, B has depth and C is dark and moody. My most used plate is probably B, it’s just gorgeous. With headphones on you can almost feel the metal shaking around your ears.

Each plate has a mechanical damper that affects how long or short you want the reverb to be. The EQ controls, which apply across the three plates, are very useful. It’s a two-band shelving equaliser (20Hz – 2 kHz and 200Hz – 20kHz). There is also a pre-delay dial which goes up to 250, a stereo width dial and a wet/dry dial (when you open up the plugin it is automatically at 100% wet, as it’s normally best to use as a send effect).

This is my favourite reverb for stripped down tracks, e.g. just guitar and voice/piano and voice. Provides beautiful texture and depth. Also works really well with my drum tracks. Yum.

sensationblack 11th March 2012 04:50 PM

the best reverb i've met
Beside the tape emulation, delay, reverb, equalizer and compressor were tools that I’ve already worked before buying my UAD-2 card. I think that all of my vsts that I bought were breath taking compare to the other vsts I knew. Only one vst really knocked me down and it’s the EMT 140. Ampex and the studer were new to me, no one did tape emulation before. That’s way it’s not that surprise how much I’ve been shock when I first tried them out. But, reverb ? come’ on what can be so different from other reverbs ?
Well it’s hard to put my finger on it, but is remarkably good and sounds adorable.
The sound, short range till mid range release. Can’t really do this long tail like in 224. But, every msec of the EMT 140 tail is brilliant. Absolutely amazing. My reverb to go.
Did many A/B against EMT 250 and the lexicon 224. The lexicon I can see why people rave about it for some kind of material but in the sonic ability, no competition the 140 sounds way better. As for the 250, the 250 is so gentle, couldn’t really made a good comparison.
To complete the reverb arsenal I will suggest using QL spaces with the EMT 140. The QL spaces is a convolution reverb with really long tail and beautiful sound. I can’t see myself buying another reverb with those two vsts in my bank of tools…

In Dust We Trust 30th March 2012 05:17 PM

Uad emt plate 140
If you are looking for a reverb, look no further, this really is the best reverb on the market!

I make all kinds of music from Electro, Dance, Indie and Rock and earn my living from creating and mixing music, sound is of upmost importance. I was never a fan of reverbs but after discovering this beast, I quickly worked out that I absolutely love it, I just hate 'cheap' reverbs. By that I mean all that fake, nasty computerised reverb that I had been accustomed to for my 16 years in the music business. I have tried Lexicons and Zooms and all kinds, but the UAD Plate 140 just sounds 'right'.

I use the UAD Plate 140 on an AUX 1 and AUX 2 mix buss on every single track I create. The natural, warm and near spirituality it adds really bring things to life. I would rate this as the best plug in on the market and an absolute must for anyone working in the music today from classical to dub step. OUT-STANDING! It can bring out the spirituality of a vocal, create a great snare drum room, bring space to a mix or add a great bluesy quality to a guitar track. Its really versatile, easy to use and just brings a mix too life, often making the difference between a professional sounding mix and an amateur one.

Highly recommended.