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stevill 11th May 2006 02:52 PM

$300 midi drum trigger solution?
hi. i need a midi drum trigger unit to use with BFD, i would like something i can play with sticks (not my fingers) so i can put some feeling into it and lay down my basic rythem with the spontainous flow that drumming should have !!! programming the midi by keyboard/mouse totally kills the art for me!

the yamaha DD-55 is my first choice right now, not idea as its small and lacks the pyhical spread of a real drum kit, but it beats the hell out of programming midi by keyboard...... if anyone could clue me up on how fine the reaction of the pads sencitivity are that would be helpfull?

the drumkat kits or anythink similar would also be also in the running but i dont know how easy they are to get hold of new or how good they are (sencitivity, etc...). are they still in production?

another option would be if there are any single pads that react like real drums depending on where you hit them that i can buy say just 2 of ( that dont require me the buy the a drum module box to use them) so i could connect them to my computer via my Novation Remote25 midi controler keyboard or some other way??


T9c 11th May 2006 08:48 PM

How about a Roland SPD-20, 6, or S? Add a stand too. A search on the bay netted quite a few under 3 bills. Been thinking about one too, but I could also get a half-a*sed acoustic kit for a few hundred, mic up and plug Drumagog on the tracks. I'd have to geive up alot more room, though...decisions, decisions...