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npulsipher 11th February 2012 12:43 AM

Jbl lsr2325
Disclaimer: This is the first pair of monitors that I've owned. I do have experience using other monitors, but they have all been high end monitors in well established studio. So take this review however you want.

I know that there are some members of this forum that are of the opinion that entry level studio monitors are a waste of money and that you would be better off spending spending your money on "home audio" speakers. And they have the right to that opinion.

To that, let me just say that I have bought home speaker systems that were much more expensive, but none of them have anywhere near as flat a response, or where as accurate, or as truthful as these JBL monitors. Since I started using them, my mixes have been translating much better.

I do most of my work out around town and record everything from rock, to jazz, to classical. The JBLs have worked excellently across all of the genres that I record.

The stereo imaging is also excellent, with a large sweet spot so you have some move around and your not stuck in one position during long mixing session.

They are not the best monitors in the world, and I've heard monitors that are much better than these. But they meet my needs, and have greatly improved the quality of my mixes. And that's all that matters to me.

aaronlhern 23rd March 2012 07:09 PM

JBL LSR 2325 - Solid, affordable, professional
Because I work with both music and film sound, I needed a pair of monitors that would translate both surround sound characteristics as well as give me a flat response to my music mixes. These monitors achieve that.

My initial thought was that while I don't have the room right now, eventually I will convert my set up to a completely independent surround sound set up, so I wanted monitors that I could use for years and bump around my set up. The guy I work for at UnderScore Media uses JBL's (granted they're the much larger srx series). Thus, I assumed that I'd eventually want to make these my rear speakers. That said, these monitors rock!

At first I was worried because I had quite a muddy sound. But, once I rearranged my room to a better configuration things started sounding better, but still needed work. I had to cut the lows and boost the highs on the rear settings of the speaker, but once I did--pow! Great mixes, flat response, spread stereo field, and excellent sound.

At a price below $200 a speaker (I actually found a refurb pair for less than $150 each), these speakers readily beat and/or compare to monitors of higher monetary values. In fact, I would put these monitors up against Yamaha's, Dynaudio, Genelecs, you name it. Very happy with these monitors.