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Johnny Dance 23rd January 2012 11:46 AM

Help with my ad/da:
Hey all would love some thoughts/advice on where to go from here

I am currently using Cranesong Spider as my AD and Pres (they are fantastic) and will be keeping it (most likely). For DA at present I am using an Ensemble and an ADA 8000 for anyhting non essential

I am looking to upgrade DA's while making sure everything plays well with the CS (with AES and/or optical)

I also have a bricasti which I would love to continue to use both analouge (on an aux bus of my Audient desk) and digitally (to bounce some verbs etc...)

Any thoughts on what DA's to get? My general thought was

SSL Alpha SX or DA-16x. Anyone think, given the AES hookups I need (Spider, Bricasti) there is something else I should be thinking about? Don't want to go in to Burl £££$$$$ territory just yet