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JordansVoice 5th December 2011 04:20 PM

Rode nt2a
Over a year ago I was in the market to upgrade from a $100 entry level microphone to a mid-to-higher grade microphone. After many hours, OK maybe days, of research I went with the Rode NT2-A microphone and couldn’t be happier.

The Rode NT2-A is a large diaphragm condenser microphone and features 3 pickup patterns – cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure 8. It offers a convenient high-pass filter switch for 40hz or 80hz. A Pad adjustment switch is also included. The microphone is made in Australia with an average retail price of $400 USD.

After holding this microphone in your hands you’ll quickly realize its build quality. It has weight and feels extremely solid and durable. It’s also very pleasing to the eye with a silver colored satin finish. A very sleek and professional looking microphone indeed.

I needed a microphone that was versatile enough to handle the many textures and ranges of my voice. Depending on the copy and direction I may read a script in a deep, soft, soothing voice. Then I may read a different script in a higher pitched, energetic, edgy voice. This microphone has been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it.

A short description of how this microphone sounds is smooth, silky, warm, and present. It really enhances the low frequencies and body of my voice without making it sound muddy or smeary. It adds that extra “punch” to your voice that will make it stand out. Having the high-pass filter switch set to 80hz is also a convenient way of preventing muddiness.

Capturing the textures and nuances of any voice style is where this microphone really shines. Some other similarly microphones may capture these details but end up sounding extremely harsh or bright.

This microphone has been used on a good portion of my voice over work the past year. I’ve received many positive comments on the audio quality of my recordings. I can proudly say that the Rode NT2-A is a primary contributor to that excellent sound quality.

The quality, features, and versatility this microphone offers for the price is truly valuable. I’d recommend this microphone to anyone.

kramsttop 13th January 2012 04:29 AM

Rode nt2a
The Rhode NT2A Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone is really an excellent piece of gear! 3 polar patters (cardiod, figure 8, omni), a -5 or -10db pad, 40 or 80hz bypassable high pass filter... all easily selectable with quality switches right on the front of the mic.

The package comes with a nice pouch to protect the mic when not in use (or in use, if your wanting a warmer sound), a great shock mount, and a very useable pop filter.

The sound is very natural, hardly colored at all. With frequency response issues a product of placement or source. Excellent on vocals, very useable as a drum overhead mic, been known to do wonders on a conga, and does a great job of capturing whats actually coming out of a guitar amp. Great on bass - VERY natural and VERY smooth. There are better options for kick, and I've heard more OOMPH from different mics on the snare, but for a jazz style recording I think it would be great on either.

With freq reponse issues addressed by placement or source manipulation very little EQ is needed - A seriously natural sounding mic.

Compared next to a nt1a the nt2 is *definitely* worth upgrading to. In this case you are getting much more for your $.

Reportedly the electronics and circuit design inside are top notch - certainly a *very* quiet mic that plays well with anything its been plugged into.

Using 2 of these has yielded some excellent stereo recordings - very satisfied.

Everytime I look at this mic I want to visit Australia... great job Rhode - truly world class!

SureSound 14th January 2012 06:01 AM

a decent mic for the price, you can get great sounds out of it when combined with the right pre-amps and micing techniques, I've used this on a few sessions and I was pleased with the results. Its not one of my go to mic's but it is worthy of being in any mic collection, if you know what you're doing you can get it to sound great...

florance 1st June 2015 12:48 PM

Raw, scartchy and messy
Despite the overwhelming thumbs-up for this seemingly all-in-one godsend wonder

I am extremely disappointed.:facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

As a solo vocalist, i wanted a mic that adds a elegant sheen kinda touch to my vocal so i chose this mic but then i figured out this mic havoc the quality of my vocal

here are the reasons:


1. Unbearably rough and piercing in the high region of sound

This mic is extremely rough from 4k to 10k in that the original recording already has that region accentuated. My vocal just sounds way too metallic with this mic. Perhaps its because i am trained to sing with a "ring" ... that means with a shinier quality to my voice ... but even when singing without much nasal resonance the highs still sound excruciating.

I am not an expert in EQ so even with several eqaulizers from waves, FL studio etc... I still could get that annoying high end scratch outta the audio...

In one word: if you are looking for a microphone for your vocal that delivers a clear yet neutral version of your own singing then DONT choose this.... I personally have some other cheaper microphones that end up sounding better

Granted, it does deliver instantly crystal clear vocal. As ranted haha, this mic does add a unsubstantial punch to the high khz... and if your voice lacks power or sound very limpy then you may benefit from the in-born nature of this microphone...

but as a reality check... you can probably tweak it out with EQ too... so you can opt for other microphones that deliver at least an accurate version of your sound.. (but somehow eq-ing away the all-over-the-place highs of this mic is seemingly impossible)

P.S. its not that cheap too, just sayin


I am not that one-sided lol, frankly, this mic does have some positive edges

firstly, it does have an abundance of features like omni-recording or whatever... high roll off or so... but personally I only use the microhpone for singing so these features dont benefit me as much as they are supposed to

secondly, I am actually impressed by the low noise nature of this mic too

nt2a 13th October 2016 05:13 PM

i bought this nt2a brand new from ebay for 306 bucks. ive used about 7000 dollars worth of mics over the years. a lot of the mics i can barely remember. i use mics daily for spoken word on youtube. ive used most broadcasting dynamic mics and handheld mics as well as a lot of condensers sub 400 dollars. Is this the best ive owned? honestly, i dont know. once you start spending a few 100 bucks on a condenser its more about the frequency response flavor rather than the components being complete garbage. one of my fav condensers is the at4040. its a little dark and muddy in comparison to the nt2a bu its never honky or sibilant really even tho it has some sib still in it. it just has a massive cut arouns 8khz and 3-4khz. it makes it a very good mic that literally cuts out common problems you can get with mics like the nt2a. ive been using this nt2a for about 3 weeks now. its much more ope and lifted sounding. the at4040 has a more saturated injected into the mix dark sound which i personally love. the nt2a is up in the clouds sitting on top of the mix fluffy sounding. i use less eq with the nt2a. it people have said that youre supposed to record at low gain levels ive always found that to make mics sound bad. i try not to go over -6db tho. and with that proper gain level and a bass roll off and a good compressor added. this mic does sound smooth and clean. almost as clean as my at4040. maybe slightly funkier. with that said you can get great results with this mic. you can also get bad results. the pop filter included colors the sound. the 80hz bass cut switch on the mic also seems to add some coloration to the sound. strange really. i avoid using them so honestly im annoyed a bit by that maybe since i dont use the pop filter and have found good settings for the mic maybe the bass rolloff wont sound colored now. ill have to give it another shot. doesnt matter tho. i recommend this mic if youre looknig for a smooth mic that will sit on top of your mix like a cloud. itll do that. ive also owned the nt1000 and nt1a. i cant really compare them since i dont have them anymore. nt1000 does sound similar though. maybe a little more dull.