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chessparov 2nd September 2002 08:21 AM

Newbie computer questions
Here's what I'll be working with;
Mac G3 ibook 300MHz with 1.5Gb internal IDE
OS 8.6
Tascam US-224 controller
Pro Tools Free

This is simply a system to learn the basics of Pro Tools recording/editing.
Only two or three of the 8 tracks will be used for recording/playback.

The questions;
1) Is a separate hard drive needed or is the internal storage enough?
2) If a separate drive, would a IDE hard drive be O.K.?
3) How concerned should I be about latency as one track may be
vocals? (the bit rate is limited to 16 on Pro Tools Free)
4) If I erase the internal hard drive after backing to a digital two track
could fragmentation still be an issue and why?
5) Would the CD-ROM for Pro Tools Free tend to make this set-up run better
than just downloading it?

Thanks in advance for any responses,

StoneinaPond 2nd September 2002 06:02 PM

To answer your questions:

1) No (well actually you asked two questions.) Generally a seperate audio drive is required, but in your case, with the demands you're making, you could record to the internal drive.

2) Yes

3) If you are monitoring the input, then you need not worry.

4) Not sure what the question is here. I an assuming you are not erasing the internal drive just to remove fragmentation. You will also remove everything that makes it possible for the computer to run. If you mean that you will erase a session and are worried about the rest of the information becoming fragmented, then yes, that will happen, but with modern drives that is becoming less of an issue. At some point you may need to CONSOLIDATE the remaining data. Chalk one up for a seperate audio drive.

5) No

Hope this helps. Have fun,


chessparov 2nd September 2002 07:50 PM

Thanks for the response Yorick.
Regarding question #4 your assumption was correct.
As a result I'm going to buy a separate IDE hard drive to possibly make
my computer life easier down the road.