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RobAnderson 24th December 2011 11:57 PM

Sennheiser MKH8020
The MKH80x0 line is Sennheiser's answer to the Schoeps Collette series of microphones, though Sennheiser only offer a cardioid, hypercard, and omni capsule at this time. The 8020 is the omnidirectional microphone in the series.

The first thing that strikes you is the incredibly small size of this microphone - all of the electronics are located in the capsule. The mic's are finished in Nextel grey, making them ideal for the classical concert recordist.

The sound quality of these mic's is amazing, and due to their smaller circumference, they have less need for a high-frequency bump to make up for their diffuse field response. This is can be a wonderful advantage in that they can be worked close to the source or farther as desired without the change in coloration of the source or the space that some larger-diameter omni capsules suffer from.

Despite their small size, the self-noise specs are impressive, and sonically they perform very favorably when compared side-by-side with their more expensive competitors. These are not just a "poor man's Schoeps" - the 8020 is a remarkable microphone by any standards, and represent a fantastic value considering the exchange rates in our current economic climate.

With the number of accessories available for these mic's, and their remarkable size and sound, I believe that they are destined to be used on the concert stage for many years to come.