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s34nsm411 23rd December 2011 08:26 PM

figure 8 condenser on guitar cab?
Recently I was working on a project that we needed to record a 4x12 for. After futzing around with an sm57 for a while I just could not get a tone I liked after trying many micing positions, always seemed too dark or too fizzy or just plain weird. The amp sounded great in the room so I knew the problem wasnt that.

So I decided to play around with some other mics. I threw up an audio technica at4050 a little further back from the grill (about 4 or 5 inches) and tried that. Better result but still strange and not quite natural sounding.

On a whim I decided to flip the switch into figure 8 mode. omg... what have I been doing all these years trying to mic guitar cabs with a dynamic?!... it sounded amazing! very similar to what I heard in the room, very even sounding, no strange mid frequency bumps that Im used to hearing on a 57, no weird low frequency boomiess. It sounded very different from the exact same mic, in the exact same position, just now it was on fig8 instead of cardioid.

What is it about figure 8 that sounds so good for this application? Is this why r121's sound so good on cabs?

recorder2 23rd December 2011 09:55 PM

The hint of additional proximity effect adds a little girth in at the bottom. If we wanted to split hairs you could say it might, on balance, take some of the edge/bite off things.

There's also rear reflected pickup, which gives more of an experience of being in a room with a cab.

BTW, a 57 is a low quality dynamic, at least with its stock transformer, so criticizing dynamics as a class based on your experience with a 57 is iffy.

But yeah there are tricks and then there are tricks....

Also BTW the strange med freq bump of a 57 can allegedly be fixed by removing the capsule resonator. Don't know anyone who's tried this. Should probably improve phase linearity or time domain freq dependent distortion or whatever the phrase is, as well. The freqs boosted by the resonator are smeared slightly in time I'd assume.