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abe2012 18th December 2011 11:30 AM

Sony MDR V-600
I'll start with durability. These 'phones are now going on their 13th year. If you want headphones that will last a generation, here they are. They've been dropped, kicked, thrown, sat on, and everything in between, yet the only thing that was ever wrong with them is that the earpads wore out. Luckily these are available from Sony's parts website, and are not a pain to switch.
??That being said, these were my first pair of halfway decent headphones. At first I was astounded with the quality, but after time, and after having listened to what "real" headphones sound like, my opinion of them has come back down to earth. They are smooth, I will give them that. The mid-low bass has a pretty decent mix to it; it's not punchy, abrasive or too weak. Listening to rap that's been mixed reasonably will be an enjoyable experience. ??The mids and highs are also decent. Pretty crisp, fairly well defined. Definitely not anything to write home about, but again, the overall listening quality of these is good for the money. You can listen to many different types of music, from jazz to opera, and walk away feeling like you got more than just the gist of it. ??They are also comfortable to wear (especially now after the pads are new again!). The clicky-thing that allows you to adjust how low the headphones drop has stayed solid through the years, so it doesn't slip or drop without warning. The headband doesn't grab at your hair, but it also doesn't slide around like some I've tried. ??Can go with or without amplification. For this reason, it's great for iPods and computers as well as large systems and mixing boards. ??Overall, these are great first headphones for those who've yet to pay more than a few hours' work a pair. Also, I need to repeat... Ridiculously durable! If you want headphones that you won't have to worry about for a decade or more, than these are for you. I highly recommend these headphones for the price.