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jlcl 17th December 2011 12:59 AM

Ultrasone pro 750
Ultrasone are perhaps one of the most unique headphone manufacturers. They design their headphones to safely deliver a pleasing listening experience that is more spacial and open than any other design. Their unique S-logic technology allows this.

The Ultrasone Pro 750 is a closed back titanium plated driver headphone. The sound is detailed and dare I say cold. the stereo image is vast with an overall clean sound. I found them to be bass light, but not inaccurate. These headphones are designed to be flat and true. The high end on the other hand has a precision that reminds me of the way Adam audio speakers deliver highs. Fast, articulate and almost seperated from the rest of the spectrum.

The headphones themselves are not too heavy, with comfortable earcups. I will say that for my ears a bit too shallow, prolonged wear left my ears a bit sore, but mind you that was after about 3 hours.

If you need want a detailed headphone listen that doesn't feel quite so "headphone" like the Ultrasones are for you. But if you looking for something to help you make mix decisions be aware these do not translate well between other environments. I enjoy using them but would not make critical balance or eq decisions with them.

An added plus they look really cool.

fhrussell 18th December 2011 07:39 PM

The Ultrasones are great headphones for most studio uses... I think their biggest con is the price. They sound nice, true, and relatively flat, but do become a bit uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Bang for the buck...? There are other phones that give you what these do for less money. Although, these come with two cables, coiled and straight, an adapter for 1/8" or 1/4", and decent case.

Mr. Light 30th December 2011 11:08 PM

I could live without these
I really wanted to like these headphones because they are a solid design and are extremely comfortable. I like to tell people it's like a comfortable sofa for my ears. The cable unscrews and the cans fold up tightly to make them fairly compact and portable. All this comes in a semi-hard case, very nice package, aesthetically pleasing

That's about all the positive I can muster up. These things are HYPED! Who hit the loudness button? Lows are boomy and highs are ear splitting. I dunno......was I supposed to break them in? Never heard that about headphones and I gave them a couple weeks worth of listening before selling 'em here in the classifieds.

I would NEVER use these to reference mixes. They're not flat by any means, actually so bright that they hurt my ears. Very sharp highs, a dip in the kids and another bump in the sub-100hz. I'm back to using my decade old Sonys that I got for $100 at GC. Whatever, they work, they don't flatter ANYTHING and they were cheap.

I know people like them, hell I bought them because Dave Pensado raved about them (stupid me......still I trust his ears more than my own). They weren't my cup of tea!

rumleymusic 16th July 2013 10:55 PM

Ultrasone Pro750
I opted for these headphones after a pair of Yamaha RH10MS bit the dust after being handled by a three year old. My fault completely. I knew there were conflicting reviews, but I was sure most negative comments were based off of most user's comfort-ability with standard headphone designs. I feel my inclination was correct.

The headphones come packed with great accessories and a very nice case. Hidden compartments house the optional coiled cable and 1/4-1/8 in connector. Both cables include a threaded 1/8" plug for the headphone side and 1/4" plug for the amplifier end. Also included is a second set of ear pads which are easily interchangeable.

The headphones are not heavy and rather comfortable, at least for my ears. They are closed-back so hours of use may leave the listener fatigued. But the S-Logic technology sure does the trick to keep the ears protected from direct sound pressure.

As most users will tell you, these headphones are rather bright, especially initially. I let them burn in overnight with about 10 hours of Richard Strauss's Ein Heldenleben with the Chicago Symphony. In the morning, the sound actually seemed more relaxed and smooth.

The Bass is exceptional, not heavy or muddy like 90% of the headphone hype out there, but very present, tight, and extended. Listening to pipe organ was a joy and exposed the lowest pipes I didn't know were there. The Ultrasone allowed me to "feel" the bass in my gut rather than just hear it. Something only standard monitors should be able to do.

The S-Logic technology places the titanium drivers at the front of the headphones and points them at an angle toward your ear lobes. As a result the imaging is by far the best you will receive in a pair of earphones. Rather than the standard left, right, and middle-of-your-head sound of standard headphones, you receive the full gambit of directional information from every angle.

A frequent complaint about these headphones is the scooped mids. And yes there is a lack of presence in the standard fundamental range, I for one, however, do not see this as a negative. For location work, miking instruments can be tricky when your only source of monitoring are headphones. It can give the engineer a false sense of presence that will leave him or her disappointed once you listen to the balance on proper speakers. The scoop in the mids is designed to compensate for the false presence that occurs when using a closed back headphone design. And the Ultrasone Pro750 will sound more like a nearfield monitor system than any standard headphone pair.

The sound overall is sharp and detailed. Every shred of background noise, and reverb decay will be revealed in excruciating detail. That may not be the perfect thing for casual listening, but I sure helps with noise reduction in post.

The headphones only lose one point for the exaggerated high frequencies in terms of sound quality (even though it is not quite as bad as my Sennheiser 280PROs that I use for radio work). If you plan to use these headphones for mixing, remember to mix on the bright side, or the mix may sound dull on other systems.