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JonesH 12th December 2011 05:47 PM

Dpa 4011-tl
Danish Pro Audio is the, small wonder, pro audio offspring from renowned acoustic equipment designer BrĂ¼el & Kjaer. Since the companys foundation neutrality and transparency has been the design goals for their highly successful product lines. Seeking not only to design a truthful on-axis response, the 4011-TL are among the few directional microphones that retain their tonality all the way around the microphone's operational axes and instead of adding coloration simply attenuates off-axis sources.

This is what makes the sleek, black-bodied microphone so attractive in acoustic music where one usually wants a true-to-life representation of the source but is subject to a complex acoustic field where irregularities spoil the reproduction of the sound.

The microphone, 17 cm long, features a pad switch for the transformerless circuitry inside, discretely built into the XLR connector - which makes for inconvenient adjustment but it retains the purity of the mic body. A non-shockmounting holder is included as is a simple foam mic screen.

In use, the danish microphone holds its own in the top tier of mics in a good many applications; as a main pair, classical music spot mic, live sound instrument mic, snare drum mic, overhead, acoustic guitar, and not to mention piano. While rather on the expensive side it's a professionals tool of the trade and is a high quality investment that will last the owner many good years and continue to deliver spectacular sonics year after year.