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louparte 8th December 2011 01:32 PM

Korg M3m
This is a brilliant workstation in a lot of ways. But it's unreliable. It has touch-screen problems. My touch-screen fails regularly. It's quite reliable in that respect. It will reliably fail after 60 minutes of use. So forget gigging with this. Quite a few users have had the same problem.

Now the good points. It's a brilliant-sounding synth with a lot of patches available on the net for free. It has KARMA version 2 built into it. And that is a huge plus IMO. In fact, KARMA is superbly integrated into this synth. The KARMA controls separate it from every other workstation out there, except maybe the OASYS. The 8 touch-pads on the front panel are also fantastic composition tools that KRONOS lacks.

KARMA controls are mostly buttons and sliders. So they are very easy to use. No touch-screen needed unless you want to dig into the menus.

The bad parts of this synth are the unreliable touch-screen & the complicated menu structure inside the touch-screen. Also, if your touch-screen fails, you cannot do basic stuff like load or save anything. There also isn't enough sample RAM on-board. If you want to add 256 Meg, you have to pay Korg about $120 USD.

Bottom line - this is a fantastic-sounding but unreliable and difficult to use workstation. That's my opinion. I'm glad I bought it. I'd buy it again. But I am REALLY pissed at Korg for these stupid touch-screen failures. grrr

Airlock 29th January 2016 01:57 PM

I bought the Korg M3-73 new with the intent of eventually passing it down, but sadly Korg engineered in a fatal flaw in the TouchScreen that totally trashes the stand-alone usefulness of the synth. Korg further botched the M3 by providing an editor that falls far short (they did ONE update), and a Firewire expansion that also is a fail. That said, it does the S+S thing well, and the keybed is top-notch.

I still use it, but I can't really recommend the M3 unless you get it REALLY cheap and are willing to open it up every couple of years to replace the TouchScreen; any Roland or Yamaha flagship from that era will give you the same kinds of sounds and playability without the headaches.

My experience with the M3 has been educational: when I purchased it it never occured to me that a big company would release a flagship product that had such an elementary engineering error (they basically violated what is known as the "tin law" if I remember correctly.) This rather expensive lesson combined with Korgs antipathy towards its customers regarding the M3 issues has put me off the brand, as who knows what other stupidity they'll pull in the future?

Live and learn: the synths I pass down will include 2 working-as-new Kawai K5000s that are at least 10 years older than the M3. Lately Korg has been making some great toys, maybe they should stick to that...

Johnwoo135 20th April 2020 03:52 PM

Got the module very cheap , in a very good condition . Yes is an 23 years old workstation , but who still got the kick on it . The good . I was lucky and I got this for euro with Radias EXB inside , in this way I got 2 synths . Radias EXB completes the Korg M3 workstation and give this power . Until now no problem what so ever with the touchscreen , the only thing that not working well is the encoder but is not a tragedy :lol:. The bad. None right now .