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11miles 3rd December 2011 01:34 PM

Sennheiser MKH50
A perfect microphone for studio and live purposes, especially where adjacent sounds are a problem.
With its super cardiod pattern the mic rejects more sound sources than its ''brother'' MKH40 while still maintaing the superb sound quality.
Extremely good for picking up bassy elements in live environment.
I recorded a whole season of a TV drama, with lots of buzzes and nosies from balast lights, generators etc. with proper mounting, its a life saver.
Turned out to be a lot better than ROde NTG-3 when doing blind tests in the same environment.

The bad side is that it is very delicate, when picking up precise sounds. Even when ut in the MZS40 elastic suspension, the mic is very prone to picking up the slightest movements.
It should be placed on a stand, consider it putting on a boom pole only with a very good boom operator.

FOr those delicate but necessary movements, it could use a low cut instead of just a roll off, i havent found a good use for yet.

All in all I love the mic, a bit pricey, i wouldn't recommend it for amateur work.