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StratSvante 20th October 2011 08:28 PM

Pro Tools 10 & Pro Tools HDX
So yeah swedish musicstore 4sound just anounced pro tools 10. Here is the google translated link.

projektk 20th October 2011 09:17 PM

Details? Link doesn't work on my LG Thrill.

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Brian Cares 20th October 2011 09:34 PM

This is exciting. I expected PT10 to not drop before Q1 2012.
I dont know where these guys get their information from but i imagine there is something to it.
We will know in a couple hours...

Translation for the site:

Pro Tools 10
With ProTools 10 you can mix several audio formats in the same session - including interleaved - no need to copy files, ... which in itself had done your project fat, but still in the wrong sense.
ProTools 10 is designed with the pro in mind and offers powerful but easy tools for a well-oiled and time-saving workflow.
Get improved input / playback performance when working at a laptop with an external hard drive or network attached storage device.
Speed ??up the editing and mixing with smart tools, Clip Gain and new audio suite.
Handle even the largest and heaviest plug-saturated arrangements with 16k Automatic Delay Compensation.
Sculpt your sound with an array of Pro Tools plug-ins from Avid and their partners, some of the best audio designers in the industry.
Pro Tools comes with 75 virtual instruments, effects, sound processing, and tooling plug-ins - some of which emulates classic hardware processors, amplifiers and instruments as well as the reputed eqn and the dynamics of systems 5. (One of the most sought after consoles used to create the richest mixes of all time)

Prices. (Preliminära.)
PRO TOOLS 10 | FULL [Ilok + CARD] 6499 SEK

K-Slash 20th October 2011 10:21 PM

I would not say exciting.

We'll have to see all the details, because from what I see, not that much added.

I dream bout a kind of AudioWarp tools, to maniputale audio compression/expansion (time-stretching) with a HQ algo which minimize artifacts, and with the ability to put markers and transients, and compress/expand only the transient selected.

Or did I missed something ?

an.unna.kid 20th October 2011 10:48 PM

I sincerely hope that protools offers more than this for an update... I don't see any reason why to upgrade unless something of value is added...

Alphablast 21st October 2011 12:49 AM

HDX – The next generation Pro Tools HD
HDX – The next generation Pro Tools HD
October 20, 2011 @ 7:31 pm • Avid, interface, Pro Tools 10

Many peoples prayers have been answered today. Along with Pro Tools 10, Avid have announced that HD is getting way more powerful, up to 5x more per card actually.

* Up to 5x more DSP acceleration per card
* 4 x the voices
* 4 x the delay compensation
* 2 x the I/O per card
* Scalable up to 3 cards

In plain english, this means that a three card setup would be pretty bad ass.

The HDX systems will also have more headroom, giving over 1000db of additional headroom in plug-in processing with floating point math (as opposed to the previous fixed point).

Bundles with the current lineup of hardware will of course be available. Expect fairly generous offers with HDX cards + OMNI or I/O.

My comments: This seems like a quantum leap in speed and performance but actually it’s not. Sure, compared to an old HD rig the difference should be night and day, but to be quite honest, the old HD cards have been outdated for years. Compare this to a Fairlight CC-1 system – that’s, what, more than 5 years old by now? – and you’ll probably come to the conclusion that this isn’t exactly the latest and greatest.

I’m not bashing HDX, the power of just one card could very well end up being enough for many folks and three will probably kick ass, but it’s not the quantum leap I was hoping we would see. It will be interesting to see how many tracks – filled with only plugins, elastic audio, HEAT and all that jazz – one card can handle.

It’s also worth noting that an HDX system is significantly cheaper than an “old” HD system with similar horsepower. The price difference would be somewhere between 50-60%. So what is the price? Bundles will start at somewhere around $10K. Exchange offers for current HD users will be available.

Also, I don’t want to stress anyone out, but Pro Tools 10 is the last version that will support HD Accel systems and the legacy blue interfaces.

Grahamdwc 21st October 2011 12:55 AM

Pro Tools 10 Officially Announced OUT NOW!

Avid has released its next version of Pro Tools, Pro Tools 10, which features over 50 new features (see below).

Here’s a list of some of the new features:

• Clip based gain workflow
• Real-time Fades
• Extended Disk Cache
• Improved Disk Scheduler
• Support for NAS
• 24-Hour Timeline
• Visual Indication Improvements
• Export Selected Tracks
• Interplay Send To Playback
• Improved ISIS Support
• EUCON Integration Phase II
• Channel Strip Plug-in
• Down Mixer Plug-in
• In App Browser for Plug-in App Store, Help etc.
• Support for Mixed File Formats (FIle type, Bit-depth)
• 32-Bit Float Session Format
• Bounce To iTunes
• Send To Soundcloud
• Bus Interrogation
• Low Latency Monitoring for ASIO/Core Audio
• Audiosuite Now Preserves Metadata
• Audiosuite Now Has Multiple Windows
• Audiosuite Handles
• Di-Fi Update
• Right Click to Reveal In Finder
• Media Composer Clip Gain Interop
• FGS UI Localisation
• 256 Voices (Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools with CPTK)
• 768 Tracks
• 512 Aux Tracks
• Improved ADC with up to 16,000 samples (Pro Tools HD and HD Software only)
• Extended Disc Cache
• Field Recorder Improvements
• Input Monitoring (with CPTK)
• Destructive Punch (with CPTK)
• Support for up to 2 Satellites
• Support For D-Command Multi-mode
• Media Composer Surround Track Interop
• CPTK Users now get Track Input Monitoring and Destructive Punch Record

System requirements:

Avid-qualified Apple computer (details)
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Mac OS X Lion
Pro Tools: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended); Pro Tools HD: 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
Minimum 15 GB free hard disk space for installation
USB port for iLok authorization

Avid-qualified PC (details)
Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32- or 64-bit)
Pro Tools: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended); Pro Tools HD: 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
Minimum 15 GB free hard disk space for installation
USB port for iLok authorization

Link : Avid | Pro Tools 10 Software — Professional Audio Recording and Music Creation Software

BERNI_AE 21st October 2011 12:56 AM

So... they have updated an 11 years old system with a 5 year old system....

Mauhaus 21st October 2011 01:00 AM

Pro Tools 10 is out now.
So apparently Pro Tools 10 is already out on Sweetwater. I have nothing to do with them by the way.

Introducing Pro Tools 10

Introducing Avid Pro Tools 10! - YouTube!

feck 21st October 2011 01:08 AM

Those guys move fast!

Myers 21st October 2011 01:10 AM

Avid Pro Tools 10
These guys have prices here with prices as well.

Pro Tools 10 looks like a good release, software input monitoring now fixed for third-party interfaces, no more MuteTone.


Space Station 21st October 2011 01:12 AM

Avid have clearly lost the plot.

Grahamdwc 21st October 2011 01:12 AM


TRMixing 21st October 2011 01:14 AM


Originally Posted by BERNI_AE (Post 7148470)
So... they have updated an 11 years old system with a 5 year old system....

thats funny but true.

superwack 21st October 2011 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by Space Station (Post 7148545)
Avid have clearly lost the plot.

Maybe it's a good ole' USA vs. EUROPE thing (UK/Italy) but I thought it looked amazing and am VERY excited by the presentation.

I think HDX will seem even more impressive if the rumors (rumours heh) that Apple is doing to LOGIC what they Final Cut "Pro" X are true.

Also, I just want to point out to all the PC lovers out there... once again, AVID has demoed their product on a MAC (albeit using an HP monitor to throw some of you off!)

Grahamdwc 21st October 2011 02:14 AM


wurly200 21st October 2011 02:20 AM

HD software upgrade prices
1 Attachment(s)
Avid | Pro Tools 10 HD Upgrade

These seem really expensive upgrade prices for HD users but here they are.

Upgrade from PTHD 7 to PTHD 10 = $2499
8 to 10 = $1499
9 to 10 = $999

Grahamdwc 21st October 2011 02:23 AM

Video - Pro Tools - HDX launch

Cris 21st October 2011 02:24 AM

Yea I got to see it in person in Nashville tonight... there is nothing in this thats a game changer. Just Avid made 9 prettier and wants to charge us $299 le and $499 HD to upgrade. No thanks.

Solar 21st October 2011 02:30 AM


Sweeeeeeeeeeet sweeeeeeeeeet features with PT10. Very happy for PT users. Honestly happy to see that DAW Devs are indeed pushing forward and bringing whether FRequested or new features to their Users and can inspire others.

Kudos :)

* Still not 64 bit?

Grahamdwc 21st October 2011 02:30 AM

The Pro Tools 10 FAQ page is up now:
Pro Tools 10 FAQ

serious 21st October 2011 02:59 AM

I am really pissed and will be callin avid , I bought the native crossgrade only 4 weeks ago and they say you only get the free upgrade from Oct 1st , this is really bad customer service and now I've got outdated software within 4 weeks of purchase.

nikki-k 21st October 2011 03:03 AM

I could have sworn that the 16k ADC was for all PT10 versions, but only restricted for PTHD10 with (now) legacy PT HD card based systems (due to HD(Accel) hardware restrictions)?

EDIT: in this presentation, @7:36, it is stated that all PT10 versions include this.

tomwatson 21st October 2011 03:07 AM

What is with this? 9 hasn't even been out for long. Perhaps they should've just waited a bit.

AcoosticZoo 21st October 2011 03:08 AM

ADC for HD versions only? seriously.

great advancements though.

Josef Horhay
mixing engineer

RonGherkins 21st October 2011 03:08 AM

Is it actually $299 to upgrade from 9 to 10?

littlesicily 21st October 2011 03:11 AM

Insane upgrade pricing
$999 to upgrade from PT9HD??!!! What the #$%@ are they thinking?? The music biz is ever shrinking, the economy is in the toilet, yeah... let's bend over what's left of the music community. Thanks Avid.

skiltrip 21st October 2011 03:12 AM


Originally Posted by RonGherkins (Post 7148980)
Is it actually $299 to upgrade from 9 to 10?

Criminal. PT9 is the last Avid thing I'll ever purchase.

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littlesicily 21st October 2011 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by skiltrip (Post 7149018)
Criminal. PT9 is the last Avid thing I'll ever purchase.

I wish I had that option, but the sad reality is that Nashville is a Pro Tools town. Unless everyone changes DAWS, we're forced to bend over.

zak7 21st October 2011 03:28 AM

So how is the deal for the interfaces?? did they use the same TDM card via Digi Cable??