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JimmyPills 9th March 2006 09:19 PM

studio patching question
Hey everyone, I'm building a small two room studio and need to run mics and such through to the other room. I'm assuming I need a wall mount plate with female xlr's on one side and a plate with male xlr's on the other. I could then continue the run into my recording equipment. I would also like to run a trs line as well, so I can feed my amp and sit in the control room and play guitar. My question is... Is this what I need? And where do I get it? I've tried Markertek and Sweetwater, but they keep telling me I need female connectors on both sides. I know I need that for the trs, but the xlr? Any suggestions on how to get this done would be most appreciated..... Thanks in advance, Jimmy

zimv20 9th March 2006 09:41 PM

redco will make what you want:

i do think you're gonna want XLR females on both sides, so in your CR you can run a male-to-male XLR from the panel to your (probably female) mic pre input.

SK1 9th March 2006 09:47 PM

Why not just install a snake ?? You can get a very clean look if done correctly. I know radial engineering has alot of different configurations ...... xlr/trs
small to huge ....custom made if needed ..... and easier to maintain. Probably cheaper

Good luck ! kfhkh

w2w 9th March 2006 10:30 PM Checkout this thread & save some money,works great & looks nice too.