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texxas 3rd June 2011 01:38 PM

Oops! Deal to good to be true?
Ok so I posted yesterday that a friend was going to sell me a TLM103 for 700 and if I should buy that or keep waiting for a Mojve MA201fet which has been out of stock for weeks, which is what I've been set on, well correction, it's a TLM 49, he lives in a different city but is coming down this weekend and says its in perfect condition, hes a long time friend since high school I havent seen in 2 years, anyway, is this now an easy choice? With that kind of a deal, should I just go with the 49? And is it a better mic choice anyway, regardless of price? Appreciate any feedback, thanks.

bobwarren 3rd June 2011 01:56 PM

I bought a pair of TLM103's new for $1000. I think $700 for a 49 is a pretty decent deal, however, it may not be the mic you are looking for. Can't say cause I've not heard the 49 or the Mojave.

texxas 3rd June 2011 03:25 PM

Forgot to mention this is for rap/hip hop/r&b vocals only, no instruments, and whichever mic I go with will be running through a blue robbie into a steinberg mr816csx, if that helps, thanks.