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shambles76 28th April 2011 08:10 AM

Need recommendation.
Hi GS,

Im looking to record 32 channel (ADAT) simultaneously via the digital desk to my computer. Can anyone here recommend me the most convenient audio interface to do the job. I was thinking of the firestudio lightpipe but unfortunately it has been discontinued ;-(

any other suggestion anyone?

Thank you for your advise and time

Puffer Fish 28th April 2011 12:28 PM

If money is not an object, four Focusrite ISA 828 preamps with the A/D interface would be super sweet.

ISA828 Mic Pres Eight classic microphone pre-amplifiers and class-leading A-D conversion

There must be other options, but to do 32 channels all at one time, will be expensive no matter what. This is just what I thought of off the top of my head.