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skybluerental 1st January 2011 02:57 PM

Mixing Madman
Madman Across the Water has always been a sonic masterpiece in my mind.

i am just wondering if you could share some information about the mixing process for that record. how much did the sound change during mixing???? what were you using to treat the vocals??
the vocal sound on that record is brilliant!!!

was gus there for the mixes??? i have read he did a lot of fader rides and drastic automation during mixes. is this true or myth???

i know that robin cable recorded it. the stuff he did at trident in the early 70's still sounds great today. then he kind of disappeared.........
what ever happened to him anyway??

Madman is still a sonic reference record in my world to this day!
Top Notch.

Ken Scott 2nd January 2011 01:57 AM

Hi, Let's see, did the sound change in the mix? Yes. How much I really can't remember. I would hazard a guess that it wasn't any more than normal because Robin was a really good engineer.

I really have no idea what I did to the vocals. But please remember, the vocalist wasn't bad so there was plenty to work with.

Was Gus there for the mixes? Are you kidding? Gus started as an engineer at Decca and so of course he was there. Sorry, that's not meant to be as harsh as it reads.

Another thing to remember is that there was no such thing as automation when it came to mixing back then. Every mix was as much a performance as anything played by the musicians. It was all hands on deck. All being Gus, me, the second and sometimes the tea boy as none of the musicians, that includes Elton, ever came to the mixes. Gus liked to control the drums, and would push them for every single fill.

Robin, unfortunately, had a very bad car crash after recording Madman. It was amazing that he even lived as his car was a complete write off. He did make a brief come back, I think it was brief, but he wasn't the same person. What happened to him then I'm not sure. I know a lot of people are looking for him.