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byerssound 22nd December 2010 12:35 AM

Any Artist
Hi Ken,

Without asking any questions on how you did certian things on certian recordings that you done sometime ago. I was just wondering even though your recording clients are some of the greatest of all time, do you wish there was a band or artist that you could have had the chance to record? And if so...who would they be? Thank you for your time!


Ken Scott 14th January 2011 01:22 AM

Hi Andrew, I think I answered a very similar question earlier, so I will ask you to find that to get an answer, BUT, I will add this, as it slipped my memory last time, those damn senior moments.

I was supposed to do an album with the Hollies with Graham Nash back in the vocal blend. I found the material, was REALLY looking forward to it but because of one thing or another it kept being postponed and eventually Graham and I both said "Enough" and the project was cancelled. I really would have liked that to have happened.