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wwittman 19th December 2010 09:33 PM

A Salty Dog
Hi Ken,

I'd love to hear ANYTHING you care to share about the making of that incredible record, and especially the title track

And vie always been curious about how you approached that ultra roomy guitar on Juicy John Pink, for example


Ken Scott 22nd December 2010 07:05 PM

Mr Wittman sir, How good to hear from you. You of course had to pick the one track I had absolutely nothing to do with on the album. Juicy John Pink was recorded by, and I think we also used his mix, Ian Stewart. He was the Stones tour manager that always played piano for them but seldom got recognition.

Yer, A Salty Dog, the track, is one of my favourites of things I've worked on. What amazes me thinking back on it is that that was all recorded on the EMI TG desk. The one we all hated. I remember Gary (Brooker) conducting the orchestra for it, and the musicians didn't like this long hair being in charge. They would very reluctantly ask him questions about their parts.

I also remember mixing it. We'd laid one down and were totally engrossed in listening to it back. There was Gary, then me and to my right Mathew (Fisher), the producer and organist. We're about halfway through and suddenly Mathew's girlfriend bursts out laughing. We all spin around to glare at her, really pissed, and Mathew, not in a particularly nice way, asks what was so funny. She describes how all three of us were sitting in exactly the same positions each stroking his beard in time with the music. We saw the funny side and continued to listen, our hands at our sides.