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force3007 15th December 2010 09:45 PM

Missing Persons
I love Missing Persons (and still listen to them today). I always felt like they deserved a lot more respect and success than they got in the end, even though they did very well early in their career.

How did your association with the band come to be?

Ken Scott 16th December 2010 05:18 PM

Hi, To make a long story short, we were brought together by Frank Zappa and I went on to manage , produce and engineer them. After the success of the first record, Spring Session M, an anagram of Missing Persons for anyone wondering why such a silly name, they decided they could do better looking after their own career. gooof
As you can tell by the behind the scenes video on Terry and I eventually resolved our differences, as we all did, and are now very close.
The long story will be in the book.