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hAPIguy 15th December 2010 02:44 AM

Hello there - thanks again! This is very gracious of you.

I would love to know if there is an outtake or demo or something somewhere of John singing Goodnight.

I'm guessing he taught it to Ringo in the studio - were you there for that? What was that process like? Was anything recorded that survived?

Also, are you planning a book - pretty please?

Take care.

Ken Scott 16th December 2010 03:32 AM

Hi, I know of no version of John singing Goodnight. We were working on either 4 track or 8 track and so there was no keeping anything that wasn't needed.
It was........I think arduous might be the right word to use.

A book? Yes. I am doing interviews for it now. I am really looking forward to it. I want it to show how much fun we had, unlike some other books.