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Deleted User 13th December 2010 02:19 PM

Console opinions ?
Hello Ken,

Could you take us through your thoughts on some of the
vintage consoles you have worked on throughout the years.

Neve / EMI / Helios / API / SSL etc..

What are their strengths / weakness, your personal favourites etc.. ?

Ken Scott 14th January 2011 06:46 PM

Hi Paul, Favourites, EMI REDD desks, Trident A Range and Cadac (I don't know the model). I guess I should throw Sound Techniques in as well, although their eq was limited.

I've always had a strong negative reaction to Neve. Probably more mental than anything. They were the big competitor to Triad and as part of the Triad family I just didn't like them and it's stayed within me ever since.