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Alexfrbc 16th November 2010 01:49 AM

Funktion One in the CR
Hi guys, i'm a long time reader of GS.

I want to have some good PA in the control room to check my club-oriented porductions on, at a louder level. I love the sound of Funktion One, so that's what it will be. Question is, if anyone knows their smaller models? I'm looking both into F101, and F88. If i go for the F101, then it would be with MB112 (Sub), and F88 with MB 210.

I'm curious to hear if anyone knows or owns any of there models, and possibly what amps and filters they use to drive them.

ray_subsonic 16th November 2010 01:29 PM


I've both mixed and system-engineered on Funktion 1 PA's previously, but usually Res 4 or 5 systems. I've heard some of the above boxes used as fills in small club installs. Tony Andrews usually recommends XTA system processors matched with E=MC2 digital power amps as the drive system.

I've heard them powered by other amps (Crown/Powersoft) and there is a definite case for sticking with E=MC2 amps. I've also driven a system with Dolby Lake processors and they worked superbly. I'd always recommend starting with Tony's filter/cross-over settings. I've heard a number of people try their own crossover/filter settings and I've always come back to the factory settings.

I gather your intention is to use them as a PA/Main Monitor in a Studio Control Room environment? Soffit-Mounted? Is the room existent already or would you be purpose building it? Can you elborate a bit as to how you'd like to use them and the space/environment they would be working in? It's not exactly what I'd call a "casual investment".

Cheers RAy

Alexfrbc 16th November 2010 09:31 PM

Hi Ray

Thanks for you info. Yes my intention would be to use it as a PA, not really a main monitor. I don't think i would mix directly on them, but i might take things i hear on them into consideration on my regular monitor if i feel it can do positive things for my mixes. But the main purpose is really just to have some system to listen to music at a higher level on.

The room already exists, and is acoustic treated. Suffit mount is not possible as i am not allowed to do so big changes to the room. (can't even drill a hole in the wall if i wanted to). So they would go on stands, and the sub on the floor.

It is not a very big room, it is about 20m2.

I got ADAM S2A + Sub8 as my only system now, and it works great, but i'd still like to check the sound on PA & louder volume than they can deliver. Maybe there are other better options out there, but i just read some producers has a small F1 system in their studio, and i feel attracted to that option. Using google i haven't been able to find out which models the particular producers had though. But i figure i must be one of those models i mention, as the next models get quite large.

I think i would have to go with something like QSC to amp it up, because F1's own amps are pretty expensive. Do you think the difference will be a major turnoff not using F1's own amps ?


GilesIsaac 4th March 2018 03:00 PM

Not a turn-off, just fundamentally changing the system. Why would you?

AlexK 4th March 2018 06:27 PM

The small F1 boxes are (IMO) rather rubbish and sound nothing like the bigger ones. Of course, the small boxes are a lot more affordable but that's because they're just a really basic mid driver combined with an HF driver, none of the horn-loaded approach which is partly what gives FK1 it's sound.

With the sort of money you'd be looking to spend on something like Res 2s + subs (ignore the Res 1, complete lack of HF), you could get some Augspurgers which also go very loud and have that aggressive/powerful PA sound.

Either way, when looking at a system like this, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money to do it properly. All the cheap/generic PA speakers out there will give you generally different variations of 'eww'...

deedeeyeah 4th March 2018 08:41 PM

i've mixed on their larger systems a few times, dunno their smaller boxes.
depending on music, i think it's okay to use studio monitor speakers which translate to pa well: i therefore bought a bunch of tannoy coax speakers years ago and still use them every day!
however, pa speakers are designed to throw much further than studio monitor speakers; i therefore would not recommend pa speakers to be used in a SMALL room...