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Restless 29th December 2005 07:47 PM

Lexicon Model 200 opinions ?
Looking for opinions. Is it up there with the 300 for longer, smooth verbs ?

dokushoka 29th December 2005 11:17 PM

The 200 is one of my personal fav Lexis. The plates on it are pretty special to me and I really love the interface. Super easy to dial in.

Restless 29th December 2005 11:21 PM


Originally Posted by dokushoka
The 200 is one of my personal fav Lexis. The plates on it are pretty special to me and I really love the interface. Super easy to dial in.

THX, How are its longer verbs? dense & lush like the 300 ?

massimo 30th December 2005 01:40 AM

I too am interested
My memories of it in big studios 20+ years ago are fading. Any pictures? No trace of this on Lexicon's website, not even in their "Legacy products" section.
Do you guys think the sound of these much older Lexicon reverbs has something with it that makes them desireable the way an old PCM42 delay is, or are they just plain useless today and too noisy?
Thank you
best regards

davedarling 30th December 2005 02:20 AM

Programs 4, and 6 - ooh la la.

absolutely essential for that "tribute to Prince " record you've been thinking of doing.

Jim Williams 30th December 2005 06:10 PM

Bought one in '84 when they came out. Great then, not so great now. Too little difusion. Run it up to 100% and clap your hands. Hear the flutter? Doesn't work for me anymore.

Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades

SiliconAudioLab 30th December 2005 06:30 PM

Hey Jim, I need my H3000SE mod'ed. Could you PM me?

The 300 is much smoother in the tail dept. Maybe not as thick but silkier. The 200 is a bit more grainy and lacks a certain density. I like my 224XL TONS though and use that as the thick chamber or intimate room and use the 300 for the tails for all the orchestra stems.

Hope that helps a little.


balanceman 30th December 2005 06:54 PM

I was given a model 200 as payment (along with a TC EQ) for 1 HOUR SESSION!
the (really nice) guy had the stuff sitting in a closet and decided I should have it.

The Lex does a couple of cool things but also has a very strong personality.

I like the nonlinear reflection thing on the last preset. I have never heard a box make something sound quite as haunted as this last sound.

the plates are good. I think they live in slot #2? probably slot 3 though.

I have the second version of the box with a couple of extra reverb types/presets.

Most of 'em had a sticker on the front panel stating what verb is in what slot, but mine never had that info.

can someone post the official order of the verbs (1-room, 2-hall, 3-plate etc.) I have been able to go by ear and figure out what I'm using, but I'd love to know what the real deal is.

The box does sound a bit dated though. some folks might call that vintage.

We also have 1 at the studio I work for across town.
the main engineer there puts a graphic EQ ( I think on the input) to the reverb and "rings it out" like you might on a soundsystem.

He gets a nice sound out of it using this method.

Ollie 30th December 2005 07:29 PM

I absolutely love the 200. It has a real great plate sound that I have not found on any of the newer Lex stuff I have used.

adamcal 31st December 2005 02:50 AM

does the 200 have a noisy fan in it like the 224's