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DP40oz 29th December 2005 09:07 AM

Looking for some Randy Staub info
Just curious if anyone knows where i can find some interviews or info on Randy Staub. Theres tons of talk about Andy Wallace on here but not much on Randy Staub. As far as hard rock goes this guy is a genious and id like to know more. Thanks.

nlc201 30th December 2005 03:13 AM

Myself as well. The Metallica and the Motley records were very influential on me (despite the drums being 4 dB too loud on the Black Album......which actually worked in a cool way). The only thing I've found is the Metallica "Year and a Half in the Life" video. Part 1 is about the making of the Black Album and has Randy in it most excellently engineering. He was usually pretty quiet next BR's and LU's constant yammering and ego wars. Great engineer though. That video was interesting I thought. Uber mic'ed drumkit (underside tom mics on 6 toms, 4-5 overheads, bunch o room mics, venerable SM7 (!!!) on the hat, Neumann 56? on snare?). The massive tent of guitar amps covered in UHaul blankets (and that one amp with at least an 18" driver!). The 48 tk DASH machine seemingly being used on everything but the drums. Old school 16-bit digital and it sounds great. 47 FET on all lead vox with NO headphones (auratones for James' monitoring!). Kirk Hammet trying to play his solo on 10 different guitars. The mix session on the SSL 4k with VCA automation (just recently noticed this as all the faders were at unity).

Sorry to hijack the thread with Metallica BS. Randy Staub rules though.

Matt Salazar 30th December 2005 05:19 AM

I was at that studio about a year ago and the big 20" drivers were still there. The tech said they belonged to the studio. He said that there's a picture somewere of KISS using them as nearfeilds. Staub is the ****. His tones are what got me into wanting to make records.

C_F_H_13 30th December 2005 06:54 AM

can't say anythign technical about randy, but I can tell you he's awesome to work for. I have a friend who was/is his somewhat regular assistant. He says randy is "one of the good ones".

Eric Greedy 30th December 2005 08:21 AM

they're 36" Mitsubishi's..a pair of only four pair ever made. You could plug them directly into the the wall ac and watch them reproduce 60 cycles.

DP40oz 30th December 2005 10:04 AM

Along with the Metallica stuff which i think sounds incredible, he's also been apart of some of the best modern recordings. Whether you hate the band, all the Nickelback songs he's done sound amazing, POD, and even remixing crossfades home recordings to make them sound totally huge and relevant is just crazy to me.

Blood_duster 30th December 2005 12:19 PM


Neumann 56? on snare?
KM86 aint it, anyway love RS he made the remix of some kind of monster sound great compared to the original wish the whole album was like that, his new Nickleback mixes sound pretty awesome

always loved his work on Load that huge kick sound is sweet

another good vid to watch for a bit of randy's stuff is the metallica classic albums episode

warhead 30th December 2005 05:33 PM

I wonder if that Metallica video set was more pre-production...

I agree RS has been cranking out some tough stuff man, sort of an unsung hero.


Yukon 7th January 2006 12:11 AM

The mix session on the SSL 4k with VCA automation (just recently noticed this as all the faders were at unity).

Actually.....they used a 6072 E/G console in the MIXROOM at A&M. Also the faders are at unity because the is a better resolution of the faders for how that VCA automation works.

Shogo 22nd December 2011 03:24 AM

Ultimate Guitar Interview, very informative:

Randy Staub On Black Album: 'The Idea Was To Get A Huge Drum Sound'

Randy Staub On Black Album: 'The Idea Was To Get A Huge Drum Sound' | Interviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com