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TornadoTed 22nd December 2005 03:16 PM

Innertube U87 upgrade or other mic
Anybody heard the U87 with the innertube upgrade, is it worth the money?

Would the $1500 spent on the upgrade be better than spending the money on another vocal mic $1500 or under? I kind of figured it would be but I'd be interested to hear peoples opinions. I have plenty of mics so I'm not bothered about recording other instruments but I would like one truly awesome vocal mic.

ISedlacek 22nd December 2005 03:36 PM

I would yet enhance the original question:

Innertube or Klaus Heyne mod for U87 ?

Are both worth the whopping $1500 or one would bring more benefit than the other or is it better to buy another mic for that money or better just to be happy with U87 as it is ?

Legacy 22nd December 2005 03:55 PM

My colleague has sent 4 87ais to Klaus Heyne. It was worth every penny and I don't say that lightly. When the first 2 came back we tested them against the other stock ones which used to be quite similar sounding. With gain matched it was NOT subtle. The new mics were HUGE and detailed. Their output was hotter. He transformed a "decent on most things" mic into a very high end beast. Also each of the 4 mics now have a modestly different character so we have a broader palette to choose from as well.

I can't imagine a more satisfying transformation. When I next buy some 87s, the dealer will be shipping them directly to Mr. Heyne. kfhkh


xaos 22nd December 2005 03:56 PM

I have the Innertube Mag Mic and it is unreal. To me, it is very big sounding and has an excellent proximity effect on male vocals. I have no plans of ever getting rid of it.

I spoke with Stayne about the 87 mod and he told me this story (you'll have to take it with a grain of salt):

He said that he sent one of the very 1st one's over to a famous producer who's name rhymes with Spock (he he he). Stayne called to see how he liked the modded 87 and was told by said producer that he threw it up for the hell of it as a drum room mic. Said producer mentioned that it sounded bigger and better than the whole miced up kit.

I have no idea what the mag mic and modded u87 may have in common, if anything at all. For the price of the mag mic, I'd just buy one of those. Better yet, call Stayne and get his opinion, he is a great guy!

If I got the story mixed up, hopefully Stayne will chime in.

popmann 22nd December 2005 04:00 PM

yes I have.

What do you NOT like about your stock 87...and which version do you have?

I'll give you my impressions of the one Innertube modded p48 I've used:

A nice air lacking in the stock models...sort of a C12ish "gritty air"--not a 251's "sweet air". But not as much as either of those mics.

Slighter on the low end than a stock p48...richer low end than an AI.

VERY high output. My Millenia was like on the second gain click from null. hugely higher output than any stock 87 I've used.

Here's what I really liked...on my voice, it was very even in a way that neither stock has been...meaning throughout pitch and dynamic range, it retained a constant tone, and tracked said dynamics very well--better than most mics do.

I liked it LESS on acoustic guitar than the stock p48...more than stock AI. The high end combined with my taylor was just a tad too much--definately usable, but I've pop the stock circuitry back in to do acoustic guitar given the choice.

IMPORTANT POINT: it's like, IMO, "the ultimate 87"...but, it still sounds like an 87. Very much so. In fact, blind--you wouldn't notice the difference. You'd still recognize it as an 87...but, click back over to the SS version and you'll hate it. jkthtyrt So, if there are things the 87 isn't working for you on...get another mic. This mod really just "betters" the same basic sound, IMO. 87s have always worked on my I was in love since it's like "the best 87 ever"...but, a lot of folk don't like them. If you've grown tired of the sound--the mod won't change it enough. It doesn't sound like a different mic. Just a generally better one.

Rick Sutton 22nd December 2005 04:01 PM

Two big thumbs up on the Innertube mod. Turned my rarely used 87's into first choice gems. Money well spent.

popmann 22nd December 2005 04:48 PM

To clarify...mine was about the Innertube modded p48.

no experience with the Hynne mod.

TornadoTed 22nd December 2005 04:51 PM

Is the Klaus Hynne mod also valve?

As for what I don't like about the U87, nothing really, I nearly always get nice results from it. But you know onwards and upwards!!

kats 22nd December 2005 05:13 PM

Just a bit of a WAG here but I've read from Klaus that he replaces some cheap components in the circuitry, gets rid of the stuff imposed by the German Broadcasting requirements that he feels is detrimental for studio use, and retunes the capsules. I assume the work is non reversable unless you send it back to him. No clue on the cost. Oh yeah and I've never read that he converts it to a valve mic. It's tough to get info on the boards because he prefers not to solicate business on the forums, you'd have to contact him direct for a definitive answer

TornadoTed 22nd December 2005 05:32 PM

That's the clever thing about the Innertube mod as it's completely reversiable in minutes, not that you would want to judging by peoples rave reviews.

Legacy 22nd December 2005 05:37 PM

The Heyne mods we got are not tube. He goes through each component and replaces in our case virtually all of them (so I hear). I got the impression that he hears where the new compnents are taking the mic and builds towards that goal with other component choices / capsule tuning. This explains why each mic is mildly different tonally in a GOOD way. This is purely my uneducated guess based on what I am hearing in the before / after experience.


popmann 22nd December 2005 05:49 PM


That's the clever thing about the Innertube mod as it's completely reversiable in minutes, not that you would want to judging by peoples rave reviews.
Actually, I prefer the stock p48 on my acoustic guitar. You just unscrew the body, pop the electronics out, snap the new ones in, screw the body back tools needed, if I remember correctly.

TornadoTed 22nd December 2005 05:49 PM

Anyone know what the price is roughly of the Hynne mods? Is it comparable to the Innertube mod.

popmann 23rd December 2005 04:43 AM

I was thinking they're roughly the same price...but, the Innertube's amp is (as I understand it) closer in design to a C12's amp---where Klaus's mod really just improves the mic own amp.

No idea how different the results are.