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theaudioman 11th May 2010 08:11 PM

Can't Decide

I recently sold a Focusrite ISA 428 and now I have $ 1,500 to play with. My current system consist of Nuendo 3, Nuendo 96/52 (not RME),Apogee AD16X, PreSonus Central Station, Avalon AD2022, 2-Focusrite ISA428, UAD-1, Waves SSL 4000, Behringer 8Ch headphone amp, Antares Autotune, plenty of high end mics.

I want to beef up my stuff as much as possible with the little bit of money to spend. I was considering a DA16X but I don't have a mixer to break things out to. I have considered purchasing a Mackie Pro Control and Apogee Mini DAC or even some sort of outboard analog console with a cheaper DA converter such as a PreSonus. any suggestions. currently my mixes just seem to lose the punch and definition "in the box". I also have considered just getting the new HDSP 96/52 card and Mackie control. I can use the virtual faders if I get a better sound so the Mackie is not a must have. The plan is in two years to buy an SSL or Neve and break everything out using high end converters to I just want to "get by" for now but make my mixes better.


steelyfan 11th May 2010 08:26 PM

Get an older analog board with a cool e.q. and preamps that have a sound to them. Maybe a 24 channel 4 buss . That and a hardware compressor with some mojo. The others guys can suggest and recommend what brands to look for in these categories. I think everyone should enjoy having a board to play with and get things hooked and routed for a comfortable work flow.