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carlheinz 3rd May 2010 07:51 PM

Pink Floyd "Time" guitar solo specifically
Thanks Alan!

When I hear this on the radio I often try to imagine this guitar solo as it went down in the studio....was it late at night?Was it worked out?Was it on the spot?Was there any opposition from Roger?Did David Gilmour want to throw it out and try a few more passes?....Was there any intervention during the takes?Did Dave just put down his guitar afterword and ask.."is that ok?""are you sure?"Go over that one".."Let me do one more"

Whats the story?

Thank you so much!

Alan Parsons 20th May 2010 08:31 AM

Memory is hazy but generally speaking David played solos in the studio and was"produced" by Roger. Late night sessions happened occasionally but they were already family men by then so more sober hours. The final take was by mutual agreement - they respected each other's opinions in those days.