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etherize 31st May 2003 08:01 AM

Good portable light speakers for portable rig?
Ok when the new 15 inch powerbook comes out I will have my first portable notebook to sit along my powermac and my ipod (yay me!)

So anyway.... I am hoping to take it with me and compose with say one of those oxygen keyboards and I want a good portable speaker set... one that is the smallest and lightest but also the really good sounding... the ones that usually go with computers tend to sound poopy to me... ie the apple speakers or creative etc... the genelecs sound good enough but they heavy as a rock... I see bose satellite speakers for stereos that are small and still sound decent so someone must make something that fits the bill...



Can't wait to be sitting at the pool in the Hamptons composing Weeeeeee!!!!!!!


Beezoboy 31st May 2003 05:26 PM

I really like Midiland speakers for my regular computer speakers. I think Yamaha also makes some cort of mini "monitor" speakers that aren't all that big.


etherize 31st May 2003 07:55 PM

which Midiland speakers do you have?

ExistanceMusic 1st June 2003 02:38 PM


I assume you've considered them, but I'm wondering why you'd rather go with louspeakers, considering weight and fidelity are concerns? (and often mutually exclusive, especially if you want tight bass.........)

For what you'd spend on any set of quality moniters, you could get some luuuuuverly non-fatiguing headphones, I'm sure.

mwagener 1st June 2003 04:08 PM

They might be just a little bit on the heavy side, but they sure do sound great: Check out the NHT M00