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rack gear 6th February 2010 01:41 AM

Obama on Anti-Piracy
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-- In a speech in late January, President Obama emphasize the work he is doing - especially with China - to protect U.S. intellectual property. An excerpt: "I've given instructions to my trade offices -- and we actually highlight this at the highest levels of foreign policy -- that these are issues that have to be addressed because that's part of the reciprocity of making our markets open...

And one of the things that we're also doing is using our export arm of the U.S. government to help work with medium-sized businesses and small businesses, not just the big multinationals to protect their rights in some of these areas, because we need to boost exports."

As Copyright Alliance points out, similar remarks were made by Gary Locke, the Secretary of Commerce, at a U.S.-China Business Council conference. "The United States government continues to have concerns about China's commitment to robust IPR protections and enforcement," he said, "both at the local level and in national policies that give Chinese firms an unfair competitive advantage." (White House, via Copyright Alliance)
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