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writethis 30th September 2005 05:09 AM

Guitar delays: to print or not

Let me echo the many thanks voiced here one more time -- reading your posts has been an absolute delight.

In a perfect world (your perfect world anyway) if a guitarist uses lots of Space Echo, Boss DM-2, etc do you mind if those effects are printed on the guitar tracks, or would you rather have the flexibility to add them yourself? Or one more option, is it better when recording to route the delay's output to a second amp and record one track main amp dry, one delay only?

Michael Brauer 30th September 2005 04:48 PM

If that's the guitar sound you like, print it! I'm just a mixer. Print everything that you've been living with in the course of making a record. Efx's , delays, reverbs, they all are part of the sound you've created. Don't make me try and recreate it. Yes, having the option of a dry and wet sound is good. My thoughts on this have changed over the years. I used to say,give me a dry guitar sound, now i say, give me your sound.