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BevvyB 18th May 2003 01:16 AM

2408 mkiii
2408 mkiii

Is anyone using this with os x?

From scanning all boards on the subject, it seems that the drivers that are going to make my 2408ii to work are either not prority for motu, or they are in dispute with apple about AU stuff. Either way, I can't wait around any more, and if this means I'm being suckered into motu's hidden policy of getting everyone to upgrade then so be it. I'll just have to feel as taken from behind as all the pro tools guys. Groan. Ok, moan over ...

kenn.michael 20th May 2003 01:11 PM

Bevvy, I did the upgrade to 2408 mkIII, and things have been completely SMOOTH!! No kernel panics, and I can still use my old boxes, so now I have a 2408 mkI, 2408 mkII, and now 2408 mkIII box connected for 72 channels I/O. My system is rock solid now!

BevvyB 20th May 2003 03:44 PM

So you're using the pci 424 card instead of the 324 card and running all that stuff through it - so it's backwards compatible with the 2408ii...

or something

Please explain how you have it set up

kenn.michael 20th May 2003 08:08 PM

Exactly... In a new 2408mkIII box, you get a 424 card and a 2408 mkIII interface. I popped out the 324 card, slapped in the 424 card, and my other two 2408 boxes were plugged into the 424 along with the new 2408 interface. All old PCI "AudioWire" interface boxes are compatible with the new 424 card. It sets up just like the 324 system, except it has a fourth port on the card allowing 96 channels of I/O.

BevvyB 20th May 2003 08:12 PM

thats it
shop time
In that case it's not even worth getting rid of the first 2408ii

On the other hand, i could make a filofax out of the pci 324 card board...

kenn.michael 20th May 2003 08:14 PM


Originally posted by BevvyB
On the other hand, i could make a filofax out of the pci 324 card board...

heh heh... heh

BevvyB 21st May 2003 07:29 PM

Bought it
and now .... pray!