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Klotzi 20th November 2009 04:16 PM

Sequencer with UAD Software but no UAD-2

I'm planning to get an UAD-2 Solo/Laptop and switch from my granny G5 with UAD-1 to my new Macbook Pro. I want to record in Protools LE (Digi 003R) to an external HD. But with my MacBook Pro I have only one FW800 slot which I want to use for my external HD. So I would buy a Expresscard with additonal FW400 slots for my Digi 003R.
But in this case everytime I would do a recording, there is no space for the UAD-2 Laptop. Can this cause problems with my sequencer software (if the UAD-2 is not pluged in)?


cletus 21st November 2009 03:49 AM

Why not get a Firewire hub and be done with it? Sure you'll be eating into your bandwidth but you'll be able to run that Solo Laptop card.

Klotzi 21st November 2009 10:20 AM

I'm thinking only about recording. There I want to use FW800 because of the bandwith for my HD. But if people confirm me that recording and playback while recording of 16+ tracks on a FW400 HD in ProTools LE is possible without any problems maybe I will change my opinion heh
I want to use this setup for clients so it would be very embarrissing if something is not working properly hidz