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marcelbreuer 19th November 2009 09:28 PM

How to route mixer and interface?
Sorry for the newbie question but … I have a Mackie 1202 vlz, a gap73, an mpa gold, an ART pro vla compressor a Firebox and Logic on a MB. I want to use the 3 channels of outboard preamps as well as the 4 1202 pres with the compressor hanging off the aux so I can apply it to all channels. No biggie, yet… I also want to run my mix out of logic into the 1202 so that I can apply compression and record the mic pres at the same time. How do I set this up?
I thought I’d run mics into the first 4 1202 channels and the outboard pres into # 5, 6, 7. Use the 1202 monitor outs to feed the Firebox 1 and 2 inputs then use the Firebox 3/4 outs to go into the 1202 8/9 ins. Finally, use the 1202 aux send/return to route to the VLA. This would have the 1202 mix the 7 mic channels down to 2 but allow me to compress everything with the VLA, no? Where do I output to my speakers; 1202 mains or Firebox Outs 1/2? Or am I hopelessly confused?
Thanks for any help.

marcelbreuer 21st November 2009 04:12 PM

What a noob, whaddya, stoned or sumpin? Just got up; still need some coffee to jump-start your brain? Run the mics into the 1202, then the 1202 into FB 1/2 and use Logic's I/O router and the FB's 3/4 I/Os to add the VLA to any track you want.
Next thing we know you'll be askin' about using the FB's spdif into the MB's optical in with a Duet hangin' off the FW. Like that would bee cool, just buy an Ensemble or RME FF800 and get on with it.

MrCrowbar 21st November 2009 05:53 PM

You just answered your own question? confoosed

I'd go straight from the interface to the monitor speakers. That mackie mixer will add some color and noise to the signal, something you don't want for monitoring.