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Hashbrown 18th November 2009 12:07 PM

Phase aligning shotgun above snare
Hey guys,

I have a huge building to record in: 25m x 15m roughly, 2 stories high.

I want to do drums in here, and try out using a shotgun for snare.
I have at my disposal:

DPA 3552 stereo pair
DPA 4017 shotgun
Various other DPA
RE20, 50, etc.
most BLUE mics you can think of

My question is about using the 4017 shotgun to capture the snare, and the relationship with the overheads and the room mics.
How far above the snare would you go?
Would you simply listen to the phase (headphones) between this and the overheads, or is there a secret trick to get it sounding cohesive?
Then the room mic and the spot mics would all get added in to taste.
But isn't this creating more phase relationships than its worth, or is it just a case of moving them around and eventually everything will sound cool?

Also, would you change the placement of the overheads: above or infront