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withintheflux 18th November 2009 06:38 AM

San Francisco/Bay area string quarter/composer
Hi folks.

any Bay area slutz know of a talented and affordable group who might be able to play strings on a project of mine?

I'm not quite sure where to seek such help.



ggg 18th November 2009 07:48 AM

Strings for hire...
Look for instructors or university programs. They will probably have advanced students that will be talented, cost effective and quite willing and enthusiastic to be doing something "professional".

Depending on where you are in the Bay you could try De Anza on the peninsula or Cal State East Bay in Hayward for referals. Not "upper crust" schools so there should be fewer egos.

Also some instructors are also members of local symphonies and have string 1/4tets on the side for weddings and corp. events. More $ but they may get things cut in fewer takes.

My $0.02.