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bloud 17th November 2009 12:49 AM

Lauten Audio and Cutting Edge Audio - San Francisco Listening Party
I would like to personally invite all SF bay area GearSlutz to our upcoming event. Details below.

Lauten Audio and Cutting Edge Audio invite you to a listening party at a Historic San Fransisco Studio!

An opportunity to meet good people, have some food and drinks, and listen to the full-line of Lauten Audio microphones as we record vocals and acoustic guitar through various signal paths. We will then lay these into a mix, compress and EQ. This is an interactive session where you can tell us what you want (e.g. more cowbell) to hear, A/B etc.

Wednesday, November 18th.
Refreshments at 6PM,
Demo at 7PM until...

Broken Radio
1340 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103

Go Here For Directions: Broken Radio - Contact Us

RSVP to Cutting Edge and more information here:
Microphone Clinic at Historic Bay Area Studio! Wed-Nov 18th

or RSVP here: dl (at)

Or simply reply to this thread!

We'll have some swag to give away.

FYI - We will be recording Chi McClean (Chi McClean San Francisco Acoustic Guitarist)

For some great history about the studio Broken Radio now occupies click here Broken Radio - Studio History From 1969-2009

Working Class Audio 18th November 2009 08:22 AM

Lauten Audio and Cutting Edge Audio - San Francisco Listening Party
I second that invite!

If you are in the Bay Area come on over. If you are interested in hearing the Lauten mics then this is a great opportunity to hear them all.


tom evans 22nd November 2009 04:45 AM

thank you thank you thank youhey
I got an invite e-mail from Cutting Edge to attend the listening party at Broken Radio. So I e-mailed my friend JT at Ruff Track productions to meet me there.
We walked in to some good food and really cool people, Brian, Erik, Matt, Brice, and the crew. They made us feel right at home.
Then we got to check out the mics ---
Oceanus, Horizon, Clairion, Torch
First the Oceanus --jaw dropping --huge sound--impressive
the Horizon--clear acoustic guitars-great over heads
the Clarion--fet w/+10 gain switch-- nice--a new classic the Torch- sml diaphragm w/nice bottom end
Chi McClean (talent extrodnaire) was the entertainment.
What a great evening as it ended we all got some good swag and I got lucky and won the door prize a new Clarion mic---yahoo--thanks Brian, that was hella cool of you
I'll be in touch because now I want the Oceanus

thanks again,

tom evans
innerlocus recording