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speerchucker 16th November 2009 09:42 PM

SSD boot drive - WARNING !
I just installed my first SSD drive, (under XP32) and had a few serious problems.

I thought I'd post here in hopes of saving other from the same aggravation:

The basic problem was that in order for the SSD to function 100%, I had to update my BIOS. However, this was not immediately obvious. Using the old BIOS, from Feb 2009, XP32 installed fine, and all updates & installs seemed to be working.

This ****e didn't hit the fan until after about 2 hours of work, when I found I couldn't access my audio card. Then soon after, the PC stopped recognizing the boot drive.

I called ASUS and they confirmed that only the latest BIOS was 100% with SSD drives.

So I had to update the BIOS, then start all over with a fresh format & XP install. Plus I had to do the floppy-drive AHCI driver-install thing.

Additionally, I was instructed to set the BIOS "detect SATA drives as" command to "AHCI."

Now everything seems fine.

Hope this helps someone else.

Fishmed 16th November 2009 10:43 PM

Which ASUS motherboard are you using?

norbury brook 16th November 2009 11:12 PM

a lot of 1 st generation SSD drives actually state they should not be run in AHCI mode so check your manufacturer.


speerchucker 17th November 2009 07:46 AM


I'm running a 2nd generation Intel, but thanks for the warning. (might help someone else)

If that had been the case with my drive, I'd be sunk, since that's the only way to use it with this mobo. wow ...


Fishmed: Asus P5Q-EM.

This info wasn't readily available, I had to call tech support, and that guy had to ask a superior. SO, the bottom line is, before you dive in call your mobo manufacturer first, and also check your drive as per Norbury's warning.