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foamboy 16th November 2009 07:10 AM

Any updated opinions on Saffire Pro 24 DSP?
Hello. I was wondering if anybody has any more recent opinions/views about this product. Mostly, stability,D/A conversion quality, and how effective is the VRM technology? Has anyone actually done a mix using the VRM and how does it transalte to other systems? Also,what headphones are you using? I currently have some 600 ohm AKG phones and I was curious to know if the Saffire hp amp can drive these without too much distortion.



hilander74 16th November 2009 01:23 PM

The VRM things seems a bit gimmicky to me.
It's hard enough making mixing decisions on one pair of monitors without another 10 (via 6 different 'listening positions') to worry about.
I just went for the regular non-DSP version and I'm very pleased with it.
The firwire problems that plagued the last range of saffire's seems to be ironed out and the DA is as good as it gets at that price range imho.