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ericstadium 16th November 2009 01:16 AM

CPU overloads with PT LE and Reason?
Has anyone else had issues with Reason (3 or 4) and PT LE with CPU overloads?

I am wondering if this shoud even be an issue considering my computer.

I have a G5 quad core with 10GB of RAM. I am running PT LE sessions with (approx) 24-36 tracks, and Reason is constantly freezing. Pro Tools is the program giving me the CPU errors, so I feel the real issue is with PT LE. It seems like my CPU should be able to handle this seeing as I have 10GB of ram! The CPU window in PT is showing me not even 1/4 full. Then I will get spikes and it freezes up for a second and gives me the CPU overload error.

Just curious if anyone else has these issues. I have my playback engine set as high as it can go, and this still happens. Not sure what the issue is.