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shephurd 15th November 2009 07:46 AM

2626 i/o extension..
I beleive there is a basic answer for my question - but I just cant find it..

I am looking to upgrade from a cheap 2i/o interface to the Profire 2626 soon. I have looked into it and other interfaces in the pricerange etc, and im pretty happy with this so far..

..So my question - It says its i/o's are able to be expanded to 26 i/o .. I dont understand really how this is done.. I have spent a while loking into it, and the only thing I can find about how it is done is with 'adat'? I dont know what that is to be honest, I have searched for it, but cant find an answer..

If anyone is able to give me a quick explination on adat - or how the 2626 can be expanded - or even just a link to somewhere i can look into it.. I would be very thankful kfhkh

thanks in advance cooge

Labozza 15th November 2009 08:16 AM

ADAT is an optical connection which allows the transmission of digital information from one device to another. Using the 2626's ADAT ports, you can hook up additional preamps with digital outputs using their own ADAT ports. Typically additional devices provide a digital stream from 8 individual signals - and since the 2626 has two ADAT ins, you can use up to two sets of additional pres with ADAT outs. You also have the option of 2 more digital inputs via the S/PDIF connection. 8+8+8+2=26.

Good bang for your buck Pro-tools system (or any other host!). Hope you enjoy it.

shephurd 15th November 2009 08:25 AM

Thankyou VER MUCH for your reply..
fully understand now..

..I spent about a week tryna figure this out myself.. thanks