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Frost 16th May 2003 06:46 PM

What mics am I missing?
Current mic collection is:
Lawson L47 x2
Neumann CMV563 w/m7 & mk55
Neumann UM 57
Neumann 691 body x 4 with Lots of small and large caps+ omnis
Stedman n90
Shure ksm 44
Rode NT1 x2
Cad E100
421 x2
Beyer m88
Audio technica 4041
Nakamichi cm300 x 3
Shure ksm137 x 2
57 & beta 57 x a bunch
Beta 52
EV 868
plenty of DI boxes

My first purchase is going to be a pair of beyer m160 mics since I dont have any ribbons. Is there anything else really lacking or should I move on to other gear lusts and be happy with this.

Any glaring omissions in the mic department?

Mark 16th May 2003 07:29 PM

Yes! Carbon Mics. That's the next big wave that's going to hit the audio industry, so best to jump on it before it peaks. jkthtyrt

Shawn1272 17th May 2003 03:28 AM

Nice collection. How do you like those Lawson mics? I've been thinking about getting one but I haven't ever heard one.


littledog 17th May 2003 05:14 AM

There's always Coles or Royer ribbons?

Sennheiser 441?

And Sennheiser 421, EV RE-20, Shure SM7?

I plead ignorance about your particular small diaphragms. I love my Earthworks QTC omnis, and am planning on getting some Josephson C42 small cardioids. You may have those covered with your Neumann's, it's just that I've never used those so i don't know how they compare.

And then there's always the option of sending one of your current mics to Stephen Paul for a mod/upgrade?

But whether you should be spending more on an admittedly fine collection depends totally on the level of all your other gear (preamps, processing, console, monitors, software, converters, etc.), quality of your room acoustics, quality of your patchbays and cabling, and quality of your miscellaneous accessories (headphones, mic stands, etc.)

In my unfortunate case, it ALL needs a large influx of cash!!!

Frost 17th May 2003 08:05 AM

Thanks guys,
Shawn: I really like my lawsons. I have the full size solid state version which isnt made any more. Its often my go to mic for any application. It makes an amazing vocal mic which sits in the mix without any EQ ever, not quite as thick in the mids as an old neumann but thick enough especially paired with a manley pre. I love it on acoustic guitar with the low cut on, clean electric guitar amps have a sparkle that I havent duplicated. I used it just the other day to record a banjo that came out great with by just micing from a few feet away. Its best assett is that individual tracks sound great but they also seem to mix well without getting too thick or thin in the mix.

Littledog, I do have a 421 and have considered a 441, if I find a good deal on one... Im also occasionally a beta tester for Shure so Im hoping to score an sm7 one day. I do think Im lacking in the colorless small diaphram department. the old neumanns sound amazing but are far from flat. Ive long been thinking that a pair of dpa 4021's would be a nice way to round things out.

Thanks for your opinions. others?

Beezoboy 17th May 2003 05:08 PM

-You seem to be lacking in SD condensers. (Get a matched pair)

Josephson C42's
Neumann Km84 or Km184
Schoeps SD
Oktava MK012

-I'd pretty much get the entire Beyer line. I am really impressed by their mics right now

2 Beyer M260's +re-ribboned by Stehphen Sank
1 Beyer M160
1 Beyer M201
1 Beyer M88 (which you have)
3 Beyer M69

-Then you need the Classic Dynamics

Sennheiser 441 (however many you can get)
Sennheiser 421 (ditto)
EV635a (get 2)
Shure SM-7

Then I would say you are set! Unfortunately I have a serious mic fetish though (mezed no not sexually you sick bastard)


Jay Kahrs 18th May 2003 04:27 AM

Multiples of 421's are always nice. I just bought my third one. You could also use a few small diaphragm condensers (at least two different pairs) and maybe a Green Bullet. I just got one of those too.