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Wake 14th November 2009 01:45 AM

Rate my rig!
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and by way of introduction I'd like to say that this seems like a pretty cool e-hangout.

I'm mostly an electro-pop artist and SO far I've got;

Mac 2.67khz 8-core with 16gbs ram and 25, 23, and 19 inch displays running Snow
Logic Pro 9 studio
Virus Ti2 Keyboard
Moog Little Phatty St. 2
DSI Tetr4
Korg MicroKorg XL
Yamaha CS1x
Korg Electribe ER-1
Yamaha RGAX2 Elec. guitar
Baby taylor acoustic
Focus Rite liquid mix 16
Kore 2 with Komplete 5
Sylent1, Omnisphere, Nexus, Ozone 4.
Karma k-58 mic, SE reflexion filter
KRK Rokit 5s G2
M-Audio Axiom 49
Audiokontrol 1 interface
Behringer 6 channel mixer.

I think the first thing that needs upgrading is my mixer/interface situation. I was thinking the project mix? Thoughts?

Eventually I'd like to get a Korg SV-1 88 and a guitar with active pickups.

TehGuitarist 14th November 2009 01:53 AM

also might want a sub to accompany those rp5s kfhkh And maybe a nice vocal mic. Maybe a nice acoustic one too. Few nice pres and a new interface and you could probably do anything!

AlexK 14th November 2009 02:18 AM

-1 for the sub - get a proper pair of full range monitors. I'm a huuge fan of Adam's speakers in general - but I'm also convinced I need to give Focal and Barefoot a listen at some point. K&H also make some great monitors, although I prefer the options from Adam personally. The KRKs are good for the price though...

I wouldn't go for the Project Mix either - prosumer nonsense IMO. Get a good 'box with plugs on it' (RME/Metric Halo) so you know you're paying for good converters and reliability, as opposed to the marketing/feature-set which most of these 'multiple things in one box' solutions seem to orientate around.

If you want something with moving faders, get a box with moving faders - your interface should be kept separate IMO. A Mackie control or something from Euphonix + a good interface will give you far more bang for your buck. It'll cost you more, but that's because it's proper gear.

Just my 2c. I quite like your collection of synths/bleepy things...

Wake 15th November 2009 09:11 PM

I'd love to get some more opinions.

Wake 30th November 2009 05:56 PM

Ok so I sold the axiom 49 and behringer mixer and added;

Mackie Onyx 820i mixer w/ firewire interface
M-audio dmp3 pre for my new...
shure sm7b
sennheisser HD 600 cans
UAD-2 Solo flexi with the Empirical Labs FATSO plugin.

I Need another plugin and I still have about 250 in credit on the the UAD site.. I was thinking the SPL transient designer or the the Neve 88RS channel strip.

Anyway, on my list of possible adds...

Mackie Universal Control Pro
Korg SV-1 for a piano style keys and sounds OR i an AKAI 88 key controller for considerably less money and stick to my electrik piano/acoustik piano/kontakt sounds.
a UBK fatso hardware unit.
eventually a DSI poly evolver PE

u b k 1st December 2009 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by Wake (Post 4780934)
I'm mostly an electro-pop artist...

You absolutely NEED funky, dirty, grabby, nasty little hardware compressors in your rack. Don't spend more than $300 per, preferably closer to $75 per.

There are too many to list but just hop on ebay and odds are if it was made before ~1992 and costs less than $300 you should get it. If you hate it you can simply resell it for exactly what you paid (or slightly more if you know how to write a good ad).

Plugins simply will not give you the kind of attitude and spank your genre lives for.

Gregory Scott - ubk

larry b 1st December 2009 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by u b k (Post 4838915)
You absolutely NEED funky, dirty, grabby, nasty little hardware compressors in your rack. Don't spend more than $300 per, preferably closer to $75 per.

Alesis Nanocomp

Audio Arts 1200

Orban 412a

Valley People Dynamite