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RonT 13th November 2009 08:49 PM

SM Pro Audio (8 Channel DI Box)
Anyone here heard of JM Pro Audio?

They offer a box that I have been searching for. A sorta in-line passive mixer with Direct outs that can feed my converter to give it proper signal. It can also be used as a stand alone mixer! It also has pad inputs and converts 8 unbalanced inputs to balanced outputs.

Tell me what you guys think about this unit. Or do you guys know anything that does this same function that is transparent?

I will use it as a patchbay into a Rossetta 800. Its so cool because it has inputs on the front making it easy to patch in!

SM Pro Audio: DI8E - 8 Channel DI Box / Line Mixer

pearldrum944 13th November 2009 09:29 PM

I'm not sure about that piece....but I have their PR8mkII digital 8 channel preamp. It was decent when I first got it...not great though. It sounds pretty awesome after changing to better op-amps and clipping some capacitors from the circuit.

RonT 13th November 2009 10:05 PM

After looking at it more closely I realize that the inputs on the front are for stereo operation. I am wondering if the inputs on the front are already unbalanced...therefore not accepting a true balanced input. This would sux!

What I need is a way to adjust balanced levels into a converer without driving the outputs of my external gear to distortion before it gets into protools.

What I am looking for will also give me a means to tinker around with instruments without having to power on protools to hear the outboard and provide me with a means of no latency monitoring from a single direct box mixer thingy.

I really don't have a problem now but would love to have something like this where i wouldnt have to turn on the furman and everything comes on just to listen the a keyboard.

RonT 15th November 2009 05:29 PM


steins 15th November 2009 05:48 PM

I use one of these live. It's a basically an 8-channel DI-box. I tried using the mixer feature, but the stereo output is unbalanced which is rather useless unless you want to carry another 2-channel DI.

It works just as expected. The build quality is ok, but not great. Some of the pad buttons has become stuck on my unit and I'm not sure if all the level pots are ok, but as I said, I use it only as a DI. Overall, I think this is to be expected considering the price and the way I use it. It has survived a lot of flights :-).

Never heard a complaint from anyone regarding sound quality. BTW, the inputs on the front are not stereo inputs, there is one input and one link output per channel. And it is not passive.

Stein Tore

RonT 17th November 2009 12:14 AM


Could anyone recommend a box like this that is transparent and accepts balanced levels?

RonT 19th November 2009 06:07 AM

After even MORE research, I now know that I do NOT need a DI box! didn't know that they output at mic levelhidz

I believe that a mixer with an 8 bus system will be my best best. So far I have been looking at something like the Speck Xtramix but man o man it is so out of my price range now.