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spidernook 13th November 2009 05:08 PM

Computer and HD noise solutions
Anyone know of a company or website that can help me with buying or building some sort of box that I can keep my MacPro in so I don't hear the constant hum from it and the external drives? I have a pretty small space and i don't have many options but I do have room for a slightly bigger box that my tower could go in. I was thinking I might just buy new terra bite hard drive so i can move all 4 of my smaller ones to it and unplug them because they make a lot of noise.

fabricaudio 13th November 2009 05:30 PM

You can build something like that


1. Wood panels, plexi-glass door (the thicher the better
2. Ricofon
3. 4 computer fans
4. Fan controller (not necessary)
5. Fan speed limiter (between the controller and the fans)
6. An old power supply from a pc
7. Some rubber feet to sit the macpro in order to avoid any resonance effects with the box
8. Your labor

It cost about 300-400 Eyros. My main concern was not the noise, if the mac pro was too noisy i would remove it from the control, i just wanted to make sure that i have a good airflow that cools the macpro and reduce the noise transmission as well