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tadaspadas 13th November 2009 02:02 AM

Want an Upgrade from Rode NT1-A & Studio Project CS3 to one good mic for voice only
I have both Rode NT1-A & Studio Project CS3 mics and they sound very similar. Maybe CS3 is a little more clear (not dressed)

I'd like to upgrade to one versatile good mic instead of those two for their

What would you do?

I record Vocals, Voice Overs & Singing Mainly - (Not instruments)

Put yourself in my shoes, What would be your choice?

I thought about AT4040 first, but now I'm a bit lost.

Please Suggest!! thanks:bumpkin

KeithMoonwannabe 13th November 2009 02:28 AM

you are asking for the Shure SM7b or an Electro-Voice RE-20 if you are doing male voiceover and male vocals.

I'd hang onto the CS3 and pickup one of those two dynamics. You will be hard pressed to be disappointed in the variety of tones you can cover.

AmongstTheLiving 13th November 2009 03:07 AM

I agree. You've already got a couple LDC's. Branch out for some more flavor. I would also recommend the Heil PR 30 and 40 to check out. Or if you're hellbent on an LDC go biggish and spring for the MA200.

tadaspadas 13th November 2009 05:24 AM

Thank you guys!

SO as I understand. For me it would be good to dump Rode NT1-A and get one of those dynamics:

Shure SM7b,
Electro Voice Re-20
Heil PR-30 or PR-40

or get this (really expensive) tube condenser Mojave MA-200


Now that's another head ache for me to choose one among those 4 dynamics :)))hooppie
Do I really need that Studio Project CS3? do I really need to have more flavor in my collection or it would be just waste of studio space:)

KeithMoonwannabe 13th November 2009 05:45 AM

Heil's are great mics, it's just most people here don't like them on vocals as well as instruments aside from myself.

You will definitely want a dynamic and a condenser they are worlds apart in tone. Both are versatile mics but both are very different sonic colors.

AmongstTheLiving 13th November 2009 06:42 AM

Just to put the MA200 into perspective, you can put it up against a neumann u87 and have an extremely hard time telling them apart at first. Often times I went with the Mojave in a blind test for male vocals. That's why I love this mic so much.

I'm also working on getting a pr-40, but i can't really recommend it on vocals because I've never heard it on vox, however reviews put it in the same category as re-20's and sm7b's. They claim that its more articulate and extends further into the low end. I've heard the pr-30 and several sources (guitar, vocals, even snare) and it sounded awesome. I can say that the PR-40 is my #1 go to mic for kick drum live from here on out. EASILY. I'm going to be testing this out in the studio as soon as I get one myself.

ohmicide 13th November 2009 07:06 AM

i went from the rode nt1-a to the shure sm7b

sm7b is a lot darker but with some eq it can sound just as bright as the nt1-a without being harsh

check this out

tadaspadas 13th November 2009 08:14 AM

wow! that's nice comparison, I liked number 2 better on bonnie song. vocal is not going out of the song for sure. number 1 was just pumping out and I smell this mic 100 miles away:) anyways. nice song and comparison. How do you like your switch after all? did you kept both mics? if you have them both which one you use more often? sm7b is a lot more expensive. I'm thinking which one I have to switch to sm7b from rode nt1-a or from SP C3. I prefer dumping them both out just to try something new:)

vijsolo 13th November 2009 09:42 AM


i would like to add my input with

Audio Technica AT4047SV

A brilliant mic for male vocals with very "Open" sound.


ohmicide 13th November 2009 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by tadaspadas (Post 4778334)
How do you like your switch after all?

love the sm7b


Originally Posted by tadaspadas (Post 4778334)
did you kept both mics?

yep, i have two nt1-as that i use for overheads and i also use the the sm7b with an nt1-a when recording cabs

im sure i could get much better results with an akg c414 or something but im fine with the nt1-a for now


Originally Posted by tadaspadas (Post 4778334)
if you have them both which one you use more often?

both get their fair share