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africantigercow 12th November 2009 09:40 PM

NS10m Amp - Yamaha AX 530?

I picked a pair of NS10m's today for a pinch and they came with a yamaha "Natural sound stereo amplifier ax-530"

I managed to find the manual online but very few reviews...

Does anyone know anything about this amp?
Is it any good?
Will it be sufficient to run the NS10s?

Would I be better off fixing up the old nad 3030 that I have lying around?

Thank you very much for any help...


africantigercow 14th November 2009 08:16 PM

bump peachhhooppiepeachh

You_Father_Sky 14th November 2009 08:40 PM

Dude, see the two threads I just started;

And do a search, from what I've read NS10's like an amp with a lot of power,
Top choices are Bryston, Adcom, Hafler. I'm currently using an NAD 3020i, wonderful little amp, sounds very nice, BUT from what I've been gathering, a low powered hi-fi amp like those just won't do a proper job.

africantigercow 22nd November 2009 09:28 AM

Thanks for the links but I'm looking for some specific info on that yamaha model...

Has nobody here used one?

Thanks so much,