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Zacchino 12th November 2009 09:19 PM

Basement Jaxx - Scars (Zacchino's Remix)
There you go.
YouTube - Basement Jaxx Feat Kelis - Scars (Zacchino's Remix)

I'm a fan of Basement Jaxx since what... Rendez-vous ? I heard this song, loved it but then I thought I could make it better. I just went ahead and remixed it : took the original and layered orchstral strings, some crunchy drums, synths ornements, swooshes and more, keeping the spirit of Basement Jaxx's touch at the same time. Sit back, hang tight, and enjoy!
- Zacchino

BTW, listen closely to the lyrics, they are wonderfully written.

Comments are welcomed.

Magnus 21st November 2009 08:11 PM

Great remix, but the vocals are mixed too low.

Apart from that, great work!